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Transformative Conversations: Insights from Matthew Kelly's “The Rocking Chair Prophet:" Uncover the key insights and revelations from the epic conversations within the book that touch on themes such as love, ambition, spirituality, and more.
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Monday, November 20, 2023


Bookpleasures.com welcomes as our guest Matthew Kelly, author of The Rocking Chair Prophet.

Matthew is a multifacetedindividual who has made an indelible mark as a best-selling author,inspiring speaker, thought leader, innovative entrepreneur, andinfluential spiritual guide.

Born in Sydney, Australia,his journey into the realm of personal development and motivationbegan in his late teens, while he was pursuing his education inbusiness.

Over the years, he haspassionately dedicated his life to helping people and organizationsdiscover and cultivate their true potential, striving to become thebest versions of themselves.

Matthew's impact on theworld is nothing short of profound. His remarkable career spanscontinents, as he has shared his wisdom with audiences in more than50 countries, leaving a lasting impression on over 5 million peoplethrough his seminars and presentations.

Today, he stands as aninternationally acclaimed speaker, author, and sought-after businessconsultant.

Matthew's literarycontributions have resonated with readers across the globe.His books, published in over 30 languages, have achieved theremarkable feat of gracing the pages of prestigious bestseller lists,including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USAToday

Collectively, his workshave sold in excess of 50 million copies.

One of his most enduringconcepts, "the-best-version-of-yourself," was conceived inhis early twenties and has since become a guiding principle forcountless individuals.

This transformative ideahas found its way into the hearts and minds of presidents,celebrities, athletes, coaches, business leaders, and innovatorsalike. 

Yet, its true power shines when it is invoked by parents inconversations with their children, asking the poignant question,"Will that help you become the-best-version-of-yourself®?"

Beyond his professionalpursuits, Matthew maintains a diverse range of personal interests,including golf, music, art, literature, and spirituality.

Most importantly, hecherishes the time spent with his beloved wife, Meggie, and theirchildren—Walter, Isabel, Harry, Ralph, and Simon. These personalconnections and passions further enrich his profound insights intothe human experience.

Norm: Good day Matthew andthanks for taking part in our interview.

Can you tell us more aboutthe central theme of The Rocking Chair Prophet, which is aboutlistening to the inner voice within us? Why do you think this is suchan important concept in today's world?

Matthew: There is a voicewithin us all that seeks to guide us toward our destiny. When we areyoung, we hear it very clearly. As we get older, we start listeningto so-called experts, begin doubting the voice within, and lose ourway.

This has always been aproblem, but learning to hear that voice again is more difficult intoday’s world because of all the noise and the sheer volume ofdistractions. 

Norm: The book exploresa wide range of life's quintessential topics. What inspired you tocover such a diverse array of subjects in one story, and how do theyrelate to the central message of listening to one's inner voice?

Matthew: The book wasoriginally inspired by Kahlil Gibran’s lyrical masterpiece TheProphet. Speak to us about… love, work, generosity, nature, etc.,is a gentle nod to this influence.

As Daniel speaks to eachof these topics the reader discovers that the central message appliesto every aspect of life. It is my hope that readers will return tothe book to read single chapters that cover specific topics as theirown lives unfold. 

Norm: The book'sprotagonist, Daniel, undergoes a transformation after a devastatingtragedy. Could you elaborate on the role of personal growth andtransformation in the narrative and its significance?

Matthew: The easy liferarely helps us to grow. It is the problems and challenges of lifethat we seek to avoid or run from that hold the seeds oftransformation.

From the open line thebook seeks to affirm that we all suffer and that our suffering canbear incredible fruit. It is only because Daniel has suffered that heis filled with patience and empathy for those who visit seeking hiswisdom. 

Norm: The story revolvesaround epic conversations that explore life's essential topics. Couldyou share some key insights or revelations from these conversationsthat you believe will resonate deeply with readers?

Matthew:  “Thedifficult and unwelcome situations of relationships also hold thesolutions to the unsolved mysteries in our hearts.”

We need so little. Whenwe multiply our needs and desires, we diminish our happiness. Letyour needs and desires be few and simple. Know how little you need tolive and be happy.”

Life isn’t aboutdoing or having. It’s about becoming. Who you become is infinitelymore important than what you do or what you have.”

Love ennobles us. Thevery nature of love is soul-expanding. It nourishes our hearts,minds, bodies, and souls. Love is by its very nature focused on theother. It isn’t self-seeking. To love is to desire what is good forthe other person… Love is therefore a choice, an act of the will,not a feeling and not fate.”

Nature teaches us howto live. She knows more about life than anyone you will ever meet.”

Throughout history,most problems have been caused by a single idea: the idea that somepeople are different. But the minute we start thinking we aredifferent, or others are different, divisions emerge, and that’swhen things begin to deteriorate.”

Love your questions andthey will love you back.”

Norm: The book toucheson a wide range of themes, from love and ambition to spirituality andmidlife crisis. Which of these themes do you believe will have themost profound impact on readers' lives?

Matthew: I think that verymuch depends on what is happening in the readers life. And I thinkthe reader could re-read the book each year and be struck bydifferent topics each time. 

Young people will naturally be drawn totopics such as love, dreams, and destiny. Someone in their late 30searly 40s will be drawn to subjects like midlife crisis, parenting,health, critics, and broken dreams. 

Those who are older will take inthe whole landscape of topics. 

Norm: The book isdescribed as an invitation to rediscover oneself and reorient one'slife. Could you provide some practical advice or key takeaways thatreaders might find in your work to achieve this goal?

Matthew: We long forclarity, because clarity allows us to act boldly on the situationsand circumstances of our lives. When we lack clarity, we becometimid, anxious, and afraid. These all lead to inaction. 

That’s whenwe start feeling stuck or in a rut. It is my hope that the bookprovides piercing clarity, and that that clarity gives birth to thecourage readers need to act in their own lives. 

Norm: The RockingChair Prophet has been referred to as a book thatreaders will return to throughout their lives. What elements ormessages in the book do you think will make it a timelessand enduring read for people of all ages?

Matthew: The timelessnessdwells in the topics which I believe are central to the humancondition: love, suffering, health and well-being, education, work,money and things, spirituality, regrets, depression, ambition,nature, parenting, midlife crisis, choices, our hopes and dreams, themeaning of life, and enduring friendship. 

If the ideas and questionsraised around these topics touch on the core of the human experience,they will endure. 

When I was writing and editing, I was constantlyasking myself, would what I am saying on this topic have been helpfulfifty years ago and will it still be helpful fifty years from now? 

The opportunities andstruggles we face each day are new for us, but they are not new tothe history of humanity.

The wise seek to learnfrom the lives of others, because we simply do not have enough timein our short lives to make all the mistakes for ourselves. 

Norm: The story isdescribed as being about the reader. How did you approach writinga book that is meant to be deeply personal and relatable toeach individual reader, and what challenges did you encounter indoing so?

Matthew: By choosingquestions and themes that are universal, or concern to all men andwomen at some point in their lives. 

We all have questions that areuniquely our own, but even those questions are often drawn fromlarger questions our ancestors have been asking forever. 

For example,when people ask: What is the meaning of life? The question they arereally exploring is: What is the meaning of my life?

Norm: With your extensiveexperience as a bestselling author, how does The Rocking ChairProphet compare to your previous works, and what makes it aunique addition to your body of work?

Matthew: This is my firstattempt at fiction and that was fun and challenging. People can heara message from different characters and see their own situationsthrough the eyes of people in the story in ways that would never bepossible in non-fiction. And story allows the message to be a littlemessier, because it lends itself the bias and brokenness that is partof us all.

So, in that way, I thinkit is real in a way that only the complexity of human charactersmakes possible.

Norm: Where can ourreaders find out more about you and The Rocking Chair Prophet?

Matthew: By visiting  MY WEBSITE  they can discover Ezra’s cookie recipe,they can call Sophia and leave her a voicemail, leave their thoughtson the public comment board, and they can share their ideas on whatthey think should happen in the sequel. 

Norm: As we conclude ourinterview, can you share any memorable anecdotes or feedback fromearly readers that highlight the impact and resonance of TheRocking Chair Prophet on their lives?

Matthew: Reading my emailand the reviews people post online, the thing that strikes me overand over again, is that is just seems to be the right book at theright time for so many readers.

Norm: Thanks once againand good luck with all of your endeavors.

 Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures.com

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