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Transcend The Dominant Paradigm
Jack Beauregard --  The Wisdom Company Jack Beauregard -- The Wisdom Company
Cambridge , MA
Friday, January 31, 2020

Transcend The Dominant Paradigm

The old paradigm that we have been seeing the world through is no longer working. This is reflected in the rise of: fundamentalism, economic inequality, social injustice, extremism, fascism, tribalism, religious intolerance and endless wars.  The inherent imbalance of the old paradigm has reached such a degree that ordinary people are spontaneously rising up  in such countries as Chile, Ecuador, Hong Kong  and Lebanon. The established world order is in the process of a general breakdown.

The way that we have been treating each other in society is also no longer working. This is manifested in the rise of: political polarization, disdain for compromise, disregard for the facts and truth, a culture of contempt, climate change denial and manipulation by social media. Incivility has grown exponentially in our country and has reached such a high level that studies have shown that:

  •   79 percent of Americans say incivility in government is preventing action on important issues
  •   77 percent of Americans feel that we are losing stature as a civil nation
  •   62 percent of workers have shared that they have experienced incivility in the workplace
  •   95 percent of Americans say civility is a problem
  •   70 percent of Americans have reported that incivility has risen to a "crisis" level
  •   16 percent of people have reported that they have stopped talking to family members or friends


The New Balanced Paradigm

There is a new Balanced Paradigm that provides a new beginning that's filled with hope and promise, respect, compassion and civility. The Balanced Paradigm provides the framework for us to be able to integrate our minds, balance the way we think, and apply wisdom-based cognitive strategies.

The new paradigm based on balance makes wisdom operational in people's lives and to be a touchstone for making make America one again by creating national unity through mutual respect and for making decisions to solve our national and global problems.

Jack Beauregard

Founfer, CEO

The Wisdom Company

Cambridge, MA 02140



Jack Beauregard
Founder, CEO
The Wisdom Company
Cambridge, MA