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Toy Expert weighs on 2010 Sales: Girls Toys Up and Boys Action Figures to Decline
Richard Gottlieb -- Toy Industry Expert Richard Gottlieb -- Toy Industry Expert
New York , NY
Thursday, November 05, 2009


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New York, NY – Toy industry guru Richard Gottlieb of USA Toy Experts took some time recently to make a few predictions for 2010.

"By analyzing social, cultural and demographic trends, as well as conversations with a broad spectrum of industry leaders I am predicting that girls' toys are going to be stronger and boys' action figures will decline," said Gottlieb.

The current year has been a weak year for the girls' category, and Gottlieb points to soft sales from previously popular properties, and nothing immediately to follow.

"Once powerful revenue producers like Hannah Montana (she got older), High School Musical (three was enough), and Webkinz (a failure of imagination) faded as Bratz bit the dust and even Littlest Pet Shoppe softened up," said Gottlieb. "What were left were Barbie and her 50th anniversary along with the Gourmet Cupcake Maker.."

That seems to be changing already starting in 2009.

"MGA's Moxie Girlz and SpinMasters' Liv dolls have taken some shelf space and I am hearing reports that both are moving out of the stores," said Gottlieb. "Zhu Zhu Pets, though not a girls toy per se, will have great appeal to girls and that means more of them going into toy stores and toy departments. All of this is going to mean more interest in girls' toys and more word of mouth on the schoolyard social network.."

As far as boys' action figures, Gottlieb draws some of his conclusions from the recent GI Joe movie and associated product flop.

"I am going to step out and say that GI Joe is a harbinger of what is to come in 2010 for action figure films," said Gottlieb. "An endless cycle of movies and products featuring the action figure du jour can only run out for so long without consumers and kids getting bored. Predictability is the bane of enthusiasm. Those caught up in a fad want to feel that it is spontaneous. The steady cycle of movie and product takes that fantasy away. Some of us can remember when the Disney annual cartoon movie hit machine hit the wall in the 90's and went into a decline. Expect that to happen here.."

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 About Richard Gottlieb

Richard Gottlieb is President of Richard Gottlieb's Toy Experts (www.usatoyexperts.com) and a highly respected provider of business development services to the toy industry and consumer product industry. Richard combines an MBA in Global Management with thirty-five years of consumer products experience. He is the founder and facilitator of Building Our Future Toy Conference, a series of ongoing conferences which forecast the landscape the toy industry will face in the next five to ten years, and he is a voting member for the National Toy Hall of Fame® at Strong National Museum of Play® in Rochester, New York. Richard is a contributing editor to a number of magazines in the United States and Europe, speaks domestically and internationally about trends and the toy industry and writes the blog, "Out of the Toy Box" for www.playthings.com.
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