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Top of Mind Thursday June 6, 2019: 75 Years Later
Linda Popky - Leverage2Market Associates, Inc. Linda Popky - Leverage2Market Associates, Inc.
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Thursday, June 06, 2019

Top of Mind Thursday memo from leverage2market.com
Today is the 75th anniversary of D-Day--the invasion of Normandy that was a pivotal point in the course of WWII. 

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It's hard to believe it's been three quarters of a century since 156,000 Allied troops landed in France on this day alone.

Few people thought this type of invasion could possibly succeed. Over 425,000 troops died or were wounded in the ensuing battles, nearly half of which were Allied forces. Yet this brave and brazen maneuver changed the course of the war--forcing the Germans to fight on two different fronts at once, which led to the collapse of the Third Reich.

The few people still living from that battle are in their 90s. Their time with us is limited. It's important that even after they are gone, we continue to remember and acknowledge not just those who died, but all those that served in this effort that ultimately led to freedom for millions of Europeans. 

Today we need to take the steps necessary to ensure we safeguard that freedom for coming generations. It's what we owe to those who landed on a desolate beach in northwestern France seventy-five years ago.

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