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Top of Mind Thursday – December 23, 2021 : The Weather Outside is Frightful
Linda Popky - Leverage2Market Associates, Inc. Linda Popky - Leverage2Market Associates, Inc.
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: San Francisco, CA
Thursday, December 23, 2021


Airline pilots talk about encountering weather whenever they come across something that’s potentially disruptive to their flight path.

Leverage2Market LogoThis could be storms, turbulent air–even a dramatic change in air temperature. They warn us to stay seated with our seat belts securely fastened till the weather has passed.

Today, the weather we’re facing is not just related to precipitation. We have the rise of the Omicron variant, causing huge surges in COVID cases. There are sharp divisions across society that result in tempers flaring and escalating violence. Supply chain disruptions are impacting everything from the availability of cars to holiday gifts and meal prices.

Here’s the thing about weather: We can’t control it. We can’t pretend that Omicron isn’t raging anymore than we can ignore a major snowstorm. We can’t ignore the violence going on in our cities any more than we can expect to go out in a drenching rainstorm and not expect to get wet. And demanding that your holiday items arrive on time when they’re not in stock will only cause frustration.

What we can control is how we react to weather. We can carry an umbrella, winterize the car for snow, and dress appropriately for the cold. We can get vaccinations and boosters to protect against Omicron, and wear masks to protect those around us who are vulnerable. We can take actions to prevent further gun violence and prosecute those who go on crime sprees.

Then we can accept this is the way things are now and focus instead on enjoying life in this new world.

As the song says, “…the fire is so delightful. And since we’ve no place to go, Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

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