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Top Ten Twitter Tweets of September 25, 2021
Dr. Judith Briles --The Book Shepherd Dr. Judith Briles --The Book Shepherd
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Denver, CO
Saturday, September 25, 2021


Good Authoring Day to YOU               

Happy Saturday to you …

This past week was all consuming with the rollout of the Authors Hall of Fame Induction event. Those of you who attended were treated to an evening woven with positive energy and awesome authors, not to mention seeing all dressed up and just enjoying being around others—200 plus of them.

The talented Ashlee Bratton and her camera sparkled with photos throughout the evening; the Inductees were thrilled with the event and being honored. It’s an “oh, what a night” experience.

My weekend will have me buried in writing with a goal to complete one author’s book that has need massive rewrites and move it to the next stage of editing.It’s #Caturday post time. Author success … what does that mean to you? Money … Fame … Media calling … Just getting the book done … What? Success has a vision to it; a purpose; an attitude. What is yours?

That’s my past week … how about you … what are you up to?

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THIS WEEK on Author YOU Your Guide to Book Publishing, the theme is always author, writing, and publishing success. Thursday’s show added insights on how to think money and tax planning as an author with financial expert Mary Salas. Take advantage of it—just an hour of your time

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Here are your Top Ten Tweet for the past week 

Tweets are faster than a speeding bird … below are The Book Shepherd’s® Top Ten Tweets from the past week that you may have missed …

Author, Publishing and Resource Success

  • Oooh … the plot thickens … and the rest of the story will be …?] A French Book-Publishing Takeover Worthy of Netflix | @WSJ pwne.ws/2VSwhQG #publishing #authors #JudithBriles

  • who doesn’t what to get more done?] Here are a few techniques that you can incorporate to help you focus and be more productive every day. pegfitzpatrick.com/focused/ #authors #publishing #JudithBriles

  • SAT was the Colorado Authors Hall of Fame Day . Here’s a short video featured via @DenverChannel youtu.be/4l-7D5m_Q4w #authors @jaredpolis @COGreatAuthors #publishing #weekend #Colorado #Denver

 Social Media and Marketing Strategies 

  • Friday afternoons are great for research & planning for the upcoming week. Check out this 2021 State of #B2B #ContentConsumption and Demand Report via @HeidiCohen. Some great takeaways in there: heidicohen.tradepub.com/c/pubRD.mpl?  #weekend #publishing #authors #JudithBriles

  • [great idea] The #NationalParkService turned 105 on August 25, 2021. It’s a good time to talk about how #publishers can sell #books through gift shops in parks and historic sites.” How To Sell Books Through Gift Shops In Parks by @bookmarketing via @BookBaby Blog buff.ly/39c2JAn

  • [There’s a lot to consider when bringing on a guest to post on your blog.] Here’s a must-read checklist via @HeidiCohen: heidicohen.com/guest-blogging… #blogging #bloggingtips #actionablemarketing #digitalmarketing #JudithBriles #publishing #authors #guestpost #bookmarketing 

Writers & Writing

  • NaNoWriMO pops in Nov-@NaNoWriMo Exec Dir @grantfaulkner explores the importance of finding the time to ‘Play’ for the creative process. Are you Ready? buff.ly/3E1dEv5 #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #amwriting #writingblog #publishing #writingtips #authors

  • Literary agents receive thousands of solicited and unsolicited novel submissions in their respective query inboxes. As a writer, follow these 10 tips give yourself (and your book) the best chance of standing out in the slush pile. #WDGetPublished hubs.li/H0Xy5fb0

  • If you are writing a memoir; if you are writing a book that delivers hope and help, this is the podcast for you via author Marilyn Van Derbur @COGreatWomen @JudithBriles @mybookshepherd. bit.ly/BookPublishing… #selfpublishing #authors #JudithBriles #amwriting #memoir

Cool Things, FUN Things & OMG Moments

  • This 105,000-square-foot mansion in Los Angeles has seven pools, a 50-car garage, a 10,000-bottle wine cellar and even its own nightclub. cnn.it/2Xq8at4

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