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Tontine Games Presents: 'Fresh Off the Boat' – The Story of Immigration in America
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Tuesday, December 26, 2023


Tontine Games Presents: "Fresh Off the Boat" – The Story of Immigration in America (Draconian Edition with Tontine Twist)

Overview: "Fresh Off the Boat" immerses players in the challenging journey of immigrants in America, starting in 1793. This edition, with its tontine twist, adds an intriguing layer of strategy, reflecting the complexities and competition of American capitalism.

Objective: Players strive to amass real estate and construct iconic buildings. The unique tontine element transforms gameplay into a strategic battle for survival and wealth.

Setting: The game begins in 1793 at the Tontine Coffee House in Manhattan, where immigrants and established residents vie for power and prosperity.

Players: Two factions - Immigrants and Established Residents, each with their own aspirations and strategies.


  • Played in real-time, each turn representing a year of fierce competition.
  • Players draw cards to determine their actions, navigating a landscape of opportunity and peril.
  • Tontine corporations are a key element, with the last surviving shareholder inheriting all assets.

Tontine Corporations:

  • Players can form tontine corporations by buying shares. These shares can never be sold.
  • The corporation's assets accumulate over time and are awarded to the last surviving shareholder.
  • This dynamic adds a layer of long-term strategy and alliances.

Cards and Movement:

  • Number Cards: Players move and can acquire property. Financial accuracy is key.
  • Red Face Cards: Represent the end of a player's journey.
  • Queen of Spades: A powerful card allowing a player to strategically eliminate a competitor.
  • Business Licenses Pile: Players engage in strategic acquisition of licenses.
  • Occasions & Events Pile: Introduces historical and unpredictable elements that can dramatically shift fortunes.


  1. Real-Time Strategy: Each round is a pivotal year. Decisions carry significant weight.
  2. Historical Adherence: Players must align with historical timelines, adding an educational aspect.
  3. Life and Strategy: Players assume roles of historical figures, navigating life, death, and alliances.
  4. Technology Use: Restricted to verifying facts or rules.
  5. Mandatory Starting Ritual: Purchasing coffee at the Tontine Coffee House initiates each turn. Failure to comply has consequences.
  6. Varied Card Dynamics: Both card piles offer a mix of risks and opportunities, essential for strategic planning.

Business Licenses and Occasions & Events Suggestions:

  • Business Licenses: "Steamship Company," "Railroad Tycoon," "Textile Mill," etc.
  • Occasions & Events: "Gold Rush," "Stock Market Crash," "World War Impact," "Prohibition Era," etc.

Winning the Game: The game culminates with one player emerging as the most successful, owning the most real estate and wealth, often through strategic alliances and tontine investments.

Educational Aspect: This edition not only teaches the history of American immigration and capitalism but also introduces players to the concept of tontines, adding depth to the gameplay and strategic decision-making.


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