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Tomato Growers, Processors and Wholesalers, and Agriculture Leaders
Gary W. Patterson -- Big 4 CPA, Stanford MBA Gary W. Patterson -- Big 4 CPA, Stanford MBA
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Atlanta , GA
Tuesday, August 06, 2019


BetterQuality and yield, more effective and less fertilizer and insecticide, moreprofits

May 28,2019 – Atlanta, Georgia – Sustainable Profitability Growth Consultant HelpingMiddle Market Companies Increase Sales and Profits With Less Risk expert GaryW. Patterson, FiscalDoctor®, announces access to improvedtomato taste, increased tomato yield, more sustainable bottom-lineprofitability.

12-year tested patented microbialbiostimulant improved taste and increased tomato yield while reducingfertilizer input by at least 50% in a series of trials you can receive.Improving your profits, quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Farmmanagement companies
  • Growerassociations
  • Nurseries
  • Tomatofarmers
  • Citrusfarmers
  • Lettucefarmers
  • Blueberryfarmers
  • Coffeefarmers, and
  • Organicfarmers
  • OMRIListed – Approved for use in organic production
  • Broad-spectrum,applicable to all crops, climates and soil conditions
  • Droughtand frost resistance
  • Yieldincreases of 20 – 100%
  • Bettertasting foods, higher nutritional contents
  • Watersavings of 50% or more

Restores soil health and enhances the abilityof plants to absorb nutrients that already exist in nature, thereby reducingthe need for chemical inputs. Healthy soil naturally promotes root developmentand plant growth. Delivers its benefits by:

  • Improvingsoil structure, leading to soil enrichment and enhanced nutrient uptake ?
  • Increasingthe availability of soil phosphates, potassium, and other minerals throughsolubilization and mobilization ?
  • Increasingsoil moisture and water holding capacity, thereby reducing water usage ?
  • Mitigatingthe toxicity of chemical fertilizers ?
  • Helpingplants use fertilizers more efficiently, thereby lowering their inputrequirements?
  • Neutralizingsoil salinity through sequestration of sodium and magnesium ions and subsequentleaching by irrigation ?
  • Improvingsoil aeration to foster inhabitation by earthworms and other beneficial insects?
  • Looseningclay soil, helping to retain moisture and nutrients

Imagine how much you can benefit. Contact me for a free 15-minutediscussion of your particular situation at 678-319-4739 or http://www.fiscaldoctor.com/contact-us/ .

About Gary W. Patterson

Gary W. Patterson, president & CEO of FiscalDoctor®, works with leaders who want touncover their blind spot before it finds them, so they can make better decisions.He can also help increase your profitability, providing access to 100best-of-the-best experts who are often better and cheaper than incumbents. Garycan be reached at 678-319-4739 or gary@FiscalDoctor.com

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