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Time to Retire Retirement
David J. Demko, PhD, Clinical Gerontologist, AgeVenture News Service David J. Demko, PhD, Clinical Gerontologist, AgeVenture News Service
St. Augustine , FL
Friday, July 21, 2017


Retire Retirement. Why must people have to defend their non-disengagement from work.  After all, retirement is a social construction, promoted as a "Golden Years" reward, but in reality, created to make room for younger workers.  

There is an argument to be made that society's creation of "retirement" has resulted in a great many, well-documented maladies ranging from physical diseases, mental disorders, and social problems.  The peer-reviewed research literature is replete with such data.  To retire, or not to retire, that is the question not  everyone needs, wants, or should be made to ponder.


David J. Demko, PhD, Clinical Gerontologist

PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Professional certifications:

- Specialist in Aging (U-Michigan) 

- Geriatric Milieu Design (U-Michigan)

- Senior Center Administration (U-Michigan)

- Geriatric Functional Assessment (USF),

- Retirement Planning Leadership (AARP)

- Research Methodology (U-Michigan - Institute for Social Research)


Ask David about:

A. Accuracy of gerontology research reporting in the news media.

B. Applying gerontological research to 50-plus content and marketing.

C. Risk-factors associated with mortality, morbidity, and longevity.

D. Essential financial and non-financial elements in retirement planning.


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Dr. David J. Demko
Clinical Gerontologist
AgeVenture News Service
Orange Park, FL