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Tiger Woods - Elin Nordegren: Latest News Updates on the Divorce
Ruth Houston - Infidelity Expert Ruth Houston - Infidelity Expert
New York , NY
Saturday, August 07, 2010

Latest News on Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren and their Divorce
Here's your chance to catch up on the latest news about Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren and all the events surrounding their controversial divorce.

Those who follow infidelity expert Ruth Houston's Celebrity Infidelity column, already know the latest news about Tiger and Elin's settlement and divorce.

Much of what others are just beginning to report as news, has already been reported by infidelity expert Ruth Houston in one or more of her Celebrity Infidelity columns, almost a month ago.

News about Cheating Celebrities from an Infidelity Expert's Point of View

As an infidelity expert who is frequently called on by the media to comment on celebrity infidelity, high profile infidelity court cases, and infidelity breaking news, Houston, who has been researching infidelity for over 16 years, stays on top of cheating celebrities and popular infidelity issues in the news. Houston reports on celebritty infidelity and infidelity issues from an infidelity expert's point of view.

Catch Up on News about Tiger and Elin You Might Have Missed

Those who aren't familiar with Ruth Houston's Celebrity Infidelity column can get the inside scoop on cheating celebrities, or catch up on any news they might have missed, by clicking on the links to some of Houston's recent Celebrity Infidelity columns below:

Tiger Woods Lawyers Warn Rachel Uchitel to Keep Her Mouth Shut but the Lies and Rumors Won't Stop

Tiger's attorneys had to step in and warn Rachel Uchitel that under the terms of her $10 million confidentiality agreement, she was forbidden to discuss her affair with Tiger Woods - even as part of her therapy in Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. But that didn't stop Rachel from planting rumors for others to spread in her behalf.

BREAKING NEWS: Tiger Woods plans to marry Rachel Uchitel !

An inside source (probably Rachel, herself) gave the National Enquirer an elaborate story which appears in the current issue, about how Tiger Woods was planning to marry Rachel Uchitel once his divorce was complete. Tiger Woods was probably as shocked to hear this as everybody else.

Tiger Woods Divorce Negotiations Continue - Settlement NOT Final Yet

Tiger and Elin continued too negotiate, despite reports that all the details of the divorce settlement were finally complete. New terms allowed Elin to take the children to Sweden, and at least one other aspect of the divorce agreement was said to be still up in the air.

Who Got What in the Final Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren Divorce Settlement

An itemized list of what Tiger wanted, and what and Elin wanted in the final divorce settlement, and what each one will ended up getting. Compare what each one wanted, with what each one got, and see who got the best deal.

Tiger Woods - Elin Nordegren Divorce - Who Got What in the FINAL Deal

The final tally (so far) of who will get what in the Tiger Woods divorce settlement. Find out exactly what Elin will be getting, and what Tiger gets to keep.

The Top 10 Questions People are Asking about the Final Settlement in the Tiger Woods Divorce

As the controversial Tiger Woods- Elin Nordegren divorce continues to drag on, people are curious about the final terms of Tiger and Elin's divorce. Here are the answers to 10 of the most popular questions about the final settlement in the Tiger Woods- Elin Nordegren divorce. See also Final Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren Divorce Settlement - Top 10 Questions

What is Tiger Woods' REAL Net Worth? – Elin's Divorce Settlement Depends on That

Does Tiger Woods' net worth actually exceed the $750 million Elin Nordegren was originally rumored to be demanding? Not according to Forbes magazine. Read this for details on how much Tiger Woods is really worth.

Elin Nordegren's $100 Million Divorce Settlement Proves Tiger Woods is No Fool

When the rumors first started circulating that Tiger would have to pay Elin Nordegren $750 million, there were 3 reasons people said that if Tiger paid her that much he was a fool. But it turns out that Tiger will be giving Elin a settlement of $100 million. So maybe Tiger's not such a fool, after all.

Elin Nordegren Proves to Be a Formidable Foe in the Tiger Woods Divorce

As low key as Elin Nordegren has been throughout the whole Tiger Woods infidelity scandal, Elin has proven herself to be a formidable foe in negotiating the final terms of her divorce from Tiger Woods. While she may "only" be getting $100 million, it looks like Elin will still end up with the most important things she wanted from this deal. For background information on Elin, see Elin Nordegren – Who is She, And What Is Her Claim To Fame Other Than Being Tiger Woods' Wife?

Elin Nordegren Stands to Profit from Endorsement Deals of Her Own

The Tiger Woods infidelity scandal has Elin Nordgren's name recognizable all over the world. Sponsors are lining up to have her endorse their products. If Elin accepts, she stands to make millions. What kinds of products could Elin endorse, and what might make her seriously consider an endorsement deal?

Tiger Woods - Elin Nordegren Divorce Settlement takes Tiger's Mistresses into Account

Elin makes a last minute demand regarding what kind of women Tiger Woods can expose their children to. Why Elin felt it was necessary to make sure their children will never be exposed to Tiger's mistresses. See Elin Nordegren's New Divorce Demand from Tiger Woods - Keep Your Women Away from Our Kids

NEWS FLASH - How Much Elin Nordegren is REALLY Getting from Tiger Woods – It's NOT $750 Million

A discussion of the $750 million settlement Elin Nordegren was rumored to be getting vs the $100 million settlement she will actually receive.

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