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The illustrated Book of Mindful Meditations for Mindless Moments Reviewed by Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures.com
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Dateline: Montreal, QC
Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Author: Courtney E. Ackerman

Publisher: Adams Media (Trademark of Simon &Schuster)

ISBN: 9781507214374

Onthe back cover of The illustrated Book of Mindful Meditations forMindless Moments, Courtney E. Ackerman reminds us how practisingmindfulness is "just a folded basket of laundry away."

Wedon't need to dedicate a large block of time sitting in across-legged position in complete silence to sense the benefits ofmindfulness. All we have to do is practice mindfulness during oureveryday activities in our home, on the run, at work, and with lovedones.

Everyone of these simple tasks provides us with the opportunity to be inthe present moment, and conscious while withholding judgment, bothinside and outside of ourselves. Put simply, Ackerman tells us thatmindfulness is just taking the time, paying attention to what's goingon around us, and observing ourselves and our surroundings. There isevidence that we are considerably happier when we pay attention towhat we are doing.

The190-page tome provides readers with a road map in implementing intoour day-to-day life several opportunities to create an awareness ofthe present moment. And all it boils down to is making a consciouseffort.

Toshow us the path, Ackerman divides her book into foursegments, Meditationat Home, Meditation On the Go, Meditation at Work, Meditation WithLoved Ones. Withinthese categories, she delves into the many actions where we canpractice mindfulness at any occasion of the day.

Amongthe primary tasks are brushing your teeth, washing your face, takinga shower, shopping, walking into work, listening to music, cookingdinner, greeting a friend, sharing a meal, holding someone's hand,having an afternoon snack, calling a friend, getting dressed,cleaning the house, taking out the trash, sitting at a red light,people-watching.

Oneillustration of practising mindfulness at home involves the act ofwashing our face. Feel the sensation of the water splashing on ourfaces and hands. Notice the smell of the soap and the way it movesover our skin. Enjoy the feeling of being clean and refreshed.

Ifwe are on the go, we can find occasions to develop mindfulness. I betafter you head out the door of your home on your way to work orsomeplace else, you never hesitate for one moment to glance at thedoor, its color, its chips, or its view looking over the pavementwhere you live.

Howabout your workplace? Here also, the mundane routines offer anexcellent environment for employing some daily reflection. This mayinclude writing an email where we can think about the words we chooseas we write. Just feel the keys as you purposefully press each oneand observe the letters as they show up on the monitor. Consider yourobjectives and whether your wording matches them before you hit send.

Meditationswith loved ones likewise afford us an excellent opportunity to applymindfulness. The very deliberate act of smiling at a stranger is onemeans that will share your joy, and perhaps it will pass into themyour positive energy.

Withits lucid, entertaining writing, dressed up with animatedillustrations, this slick little book brings to light the many waysmindfulness can generate benefits to our emotional and physicalhealth, and to the relationships in our life. Once you get the hangof it, you will realize how it improves your experiences' quality.

 Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures.com

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