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The book business is not just Black and White anymore … Now it’s FULL color!
Dr. Judith Briles --The Book Shepherd Dr. Judith Briles --The Book Shepherd
Denver, CO
Wednesday, March 10, 2021

The book business is not just Black and White anymore … Now it’s FULL color!

The Colorado Authors' Hall of Fame reveal their new full-color trademark.

DENVER CO. March 10, 2021. According to Inc.com, registering a name, phrase or design (known in the business as a "mark") for trademark protection can be complicated, frustrating and costly. Knowing how the USPTO evaluates a submission can aid in creating, evaluating and ultimately selecting the mark and, crucially, save time and attorney fees.

Dr. Judith Briles, CEO and Founder of Colorado Authors' Hall of Fame knows this fact all too well. "My experience is that it doesn't happen overnight. Yes, you can attempt the DIY route, but I've found working with the USPTO usually carries potholes for those who don't have a legal background in understanding the jargon and appropriate steps in acquiring a trademark. Now, I get help."

Inc.com states that the USPTO receives 60,000 submissions for trademark registration every year. Week in and week out 5,000 entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 firms alike request that a large and mostly faceless federal agency grant them the circle R that will help them transform their name into powerful and defensible brand.

But why was it so important to make the Colorado Authors' Hall of Fame a registered trademark one that was in color? vs. applying for the mark in black and white?                   

Briles explains, "Typically, when a logo is filed in black and white, it may be used in any color. When a logo is filed claiming color, it must be used in the color it was filed. If another organization used our colors, as in a "knock off" of our logo, it would be easier to stop infringers."

Defense is the operable term; one is not required to register a new brand name but in the event of any infringement it is easier to defend the mark if it is registered. In other words, your mark is no more or less valid with USPTO registration, but it is easier to protect if and when it is necessary.

About Colorado Authors' Hall of Fame®

Authors' Hall of Fame® strives to educate the people of Colorado and the country about the stories of the authors who shaped their works using their personal presence and the environment of our State with courage, leadership, intelligence, compassion, and creativity. Inductees are authors who've made a major impact on others with their words. The Authors' Hall of Fame® recognition endeavors to ensure their legacies never die.

The next Induction of the Hall of Fame® will be held September 18, 2021 at the Renaissance Denver Central Park Hotel. Nominations for authors to be inducted are now open to the public on the Hall's website, www.ColoradoAuthorsHallofFame.org. Additional information about the upcoming Induction event, donations, events, board members and future inductees is also available on the website.

The public is invited to visit the website, read the criteria for nominations, and encouraged to nominate authors who they believe would be ideal to include in the 2021 celebration.

Press inquiries: Judith Briles,  Judith@Briles.com or 303-885-2207.







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