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The Valley is Blooming with culture and arts tonight!
Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters
Los Angeles , CA
Saturday, May 11, 2019

Play games Saturday, regular events Mondays or theater Sundays and Tuesdays
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Reclaiming fun and venturing into the neighborhood for theatre, friends and fun…The Valley is blooming and full of talent!  Come out and see!  Adventure on a budget or not.  Game night is free.


First:Fun, Games, and Competition- Try your skill. Game on!

Take a break tonight and socialize.  Join in good company and challenge your word skills, strategy ability and luck. Make new friends and find out about cultural options.  The Mayflower Club features plays, music, teas, the Celtic Arts Center, events that open up new worlds in the Celtic and the British calendars. The Celtic Arts Center features music sessions, hooleys, Irish lessons, dance lessons, holiday events and more.


You can read about these neighborhood nonprofits that enlighten the San Fernando Valley but better come out and attend these new programs that bring talent together and workshop artists.  They bring self-expression to light here and year round feature worthy programs from comedy, belly dance classes, from Robert Burns night to Panto.

Affordable, transformative, local and easy to approach- the clubhouse is open and ready for guests. Find out about the United Kingdom and Ireland in all its diversity.  Find out about culture, arts, language, and performance, by coming out to test your moxy.  The playing is the thing tonight.


Tonight,May 11, Saturday at 6:30-10:00pm, as a joint venture, the Celtic Arts Center and the Mayflower Club are launching Family Game Night with Scrabble, ancient games, food, drink and company.  Cards, Yatzee!, Medieval Board Games, and Modern Board Gamesare featured.


An all ages invited to a meet, greet and game gathering presented to challenge your skills, patience, and strategy. 


 Bring your your friends, comrades and neighbors!  

Hot dogs, potato salad and chips $5.00


The address is:  The Mayflower Club

11110 Victory Blvd

North Hollywood CA, 91606




Tonight free!



From Games Night to Game of Thrones:




Scottish dinner party with Haggis:


What is a Hooley?:



If you want to tune up your scrabble skills, try the Escalante book:




Secondly, The Actor's Studio Theater has moved to the valley!

Chris Berube and Rose Olquin have mounted a new theatre, moving from W. Hollywood to 6843 Lennox off Vanowen across from the park. Two shows, Happily Ever Afterand The Angel Academyhave been in play on Tuesday and on Sunday nights. For more information,  wildangelcasting@yahoo.com


You can find out about the theatre's 30 year history and projects on their website or at brown paper tickets, tickets $40.00 and terrific cast.


"Kathy Close has returned to join the troupe and shines in both productions.  She excels at delighting the eye and building living characters including her eye ball cocktail as the evil queen. In Berube's enchanted kingdom that comments on fairy tales and their unpromising aspects you will laugh, learn about human nature, and see unsightly combinations of well known characters at their worst."


Actors are enthusiastic, stage props minimal, great writing, and real teamwork and professionalism abound."


In a raw new setting, this working professional theater is a gem in the making and relies on its founders and its history grounding this resource in a new setting and ready to expand, develop, and offer new professional arts training, collaborations, and shows.





Got talent?  Want to join in and help? Go see the show (s).  Email them and send in your resume or your offer.  Support and advocate, volunteer, and enter the arts. For more information, read the website and support the shows.


Whether theatre and scrabble, practice and play improve, develop, and entertain humans and make our hearts sing. Buy tickets and/or wear comfortable clothes and bring friends to beat.  You'll be glad you did.

Cynthyny Lebo
New Education Options, Inc
Sherman Oaks, CA