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The Toy Guy Gives Us His Insights on Summer’s Hot Toys
Richard Gottlieb -- Toy Industry Expert Richard Gottlieb -- Toy Industry Expert
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: New York, NY
Monday, August 1, 2022


Here it is summer of 2022. COVID-19 isn’t done with us yet, but people are a little more courageous about travel, thanks to vaccines and continued attention to being careful. However, prices for airfares, gas, and hotels are way up, so we’re predicting that vacations are going to be a bit shorter and perhaps a bit closer to home. That means that the backyard continues to be a hot destination for summer fun.

In 2021, spending on toys and particularly outdoor items skyrocketed. And this year looks like it’s going to be about the same. You’ll be able to find bikes, swing sets, and pools more easily, but those are infrequent purchases. So, if you’re looking to restock the toy box for this summer, you’ll want to check out our list of the cool stuff we’ve been playing with.


Bubbles, Blasters, and…Foam!

“Fly” in a stream of bubbly fun!

Bubbly Wings Fairy from IMC Toys
For ages 3 and up
Where to Buy
These wearable fairy wings let kids dress up as a fairy and create a trail of magical bubbles. Just fill the crystal shaped container with bubble solution and turn it on. Once kids get moving and start running around Bubbly Wings will create a magical trail of bubbles, up to 1500 per minute! Certainly one way to end up with a tired little fairy at the end of a long play day!

It’s foam-tastic!

Föm Mania Fömalanche from Little Kids
For ages 5 and up
$39.99 -$49.99
Where to Buy
This is easily one of our favorite toys of this summer. Fill it with the foam solution, turn it on, and you’ll create tons and tons of lightweight foam. And it lasts a long time, too. You can cover your backyard. Pick up the foam and toss it, create games, and so much more. Or just be amazed at how much foam this creates! It’s easy to set up and get ready to foment (ha ha) fluffy, foamy fun! We think you’ll love it so much that you’ll want to stock up on foam concentrate refills, too. You can find them here. Requires 6 “D” batteries, not included.

Hit me with your best shot!

Föm Mania Fömilator from Little Kids
For ages 5 and up
Where to Buy
So, when we were kids, we got in trouble for stealing dad’s shaving cream and shooting it at each other. The wizards at Little Kids have found a way to deliver that level of fun in a super cool foam blaster. Fill it with the foam concentrate (Be sure to follow the instructions carefully for the amounts.), then push the barrel forward. You’ll see it fill with foam. Pull back quickly for a splat-tacular blast of foam. You have to reset between blasts, but it’s really fun. The foam is non-staining, but this is probably better as an outdoor toy. Though dad could probably shave with the foam in a pinch. Requires 4 “AA” batteries, not included.

Fill your world with bubbles!

Gazillion Bubbles Mega Zillion Wand from Funrise
For ages 3 and up
Where to Buy 
Leave it to Funrise to make simple bubble play super magical. We just love filling the air with lots and lots of bubbles just with a wave of the wand. The toy has 33 mini wands in one plus the flexible 3ft. handle it is easy to make more and more bubbles. Simply fill the tray with Gazillion Bubbles solution, dip the wand into the tray, and wave around to make more bubbles than ever before! The tray is designed with a spout so once the bubble fun is over, pour any unused solution back into the bottle to be used next time! Mega-Zillion Wand includes two 8oz. bottles of Gazillion Bubbles Solution. (We are always impressed with the quality of the Gazillion Bubbles solution. It’s worth it.)

Batter up!

Little Tikes Totally Huge Sports T-Ball from Little Tikes
For ages 2 and up
Where to Buy
Toddlers can knock it out of the park, or at least across the backyard, with this inflatable oversized T-Ball and bat set. This is part of a whole line of gigantic sports equipment designed for toddlers. We have to admit, we love how this looks. More importantly, however, it’s designed for kids with development gross motor capabilities so they can be successful at hitting the ball and having a rewarding play experience. Nicely designed, great price and very satisfying for kids.

3-in-1 soaking fun!

NERF Super Soaker Frenzy from Hasbro
For ages 6 and up
Where to Buy
This is easily our favorite new water blaster for the summer. It’s built with Super Soaker quality, and it’s a very reasonable price. But that’s just the beginning. There are three different settings. Unleash two parallel streams from the blaster, pull back the nozzle halfway to spray two wide-blasting streams, or pull the nozzle all the way back for wild water action as the tubes twist wildly in all directions, sending streams of water everywhere. Anyone in range can get soaked as the tubes flip and fly! It holds 24 ounce of water, and it’s easy to fill.

Full of bubbles your yard is.

Star Wars Grogu Bubble Machine from Little Kids
For ages 3 and up
Where to Buy
Blow tons of bubbles with Grogu from Star Wars’ The Mandalorian!  The Star Wars Grogu Bubble Machine features Grogu in his pram and blows continuous streams of bubbles.  The No-Spill design helps prevent accidental bubble spills that occur during normal bubble play – for less mess and more smiles!  Includes four ounces if premium bubble solution.  Requires 3 “AA” batteries, not included.

Light up bubble fun!

Sun Squad Light Up Butterfly Bubble Wand
For ages 3 and up
Where to Buy
This is one of the cutest bubble toys we’ve seen this summer. It works great, and includes a four-ounce bottle of solution. The butterfly is super cute, and the light adds a touch of magic to the classic play.

Water & Pool Play

Backyard fun…stat!

Operation Splash from WowWee
For ages 6 and up
Where to Buy
For a steady handed doctor, these are challenging circumstances. You have to cure Cavity Same of his ailments while getting sprayed with water. The longer you take, the wetter you get. Classic Operation gameplay on an oversized mat that you connect to the hose to make the game wilder and wetter than ever before.

Perfect for lazy days!

Swimways Dry Float Collection from Spin Master
For ages 15 and up
$44.99. $55.99, $74.99
Where to Buy
We’re always learning fun stuff here at The Toy Guy. For instance, did you know that 35 percent of people who like to float in the water don’t want to get wet? Yeah, neither did we. So, if you’ve got a pool, or you’re headed to a lake, this new line of floats may be just the thing. The new line includes three above water floats. They’re made of translucent PVC with bright eye-catching color-blocking, and, of course, an  integrated cupholder. Three different seating styles let you sit upright, lie back, or lounge. And they’ve made it easer to inflate and deflate with a new valve technology.

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