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The Supreme Court Rules 5-4, favoring Abortion in Louisiana Case Dr. Michael Brown Ph.D. is available to interview
Dr. Michael Brown Dr. Michael Brown
Charlotte, NC
Friday, July 3, 2020

The Supreme Court Rules 5-4, favoring Abortion in Louisiana Case Dr. Michael Brown Ph.D. is available to interview

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The Supreme Court Rules 5-4, favoring Abortion in Louisiana Case

Dr. Michael Brown Ph.D. is available to interview via Zoom, Skype or Phone

Intro: For the first time since Trump's new appointees have served on the Supreme Court, the Court has issued a major ruling on abortion. Chief Justice John Roberts joined the four liberal justice in opposing a pro-life, Louisiana bill that likely would have eliminated all but one abortion clinic in that state. This 5-4 decision sends a significant message that the Court is now leaning in a decidedly pro-abortion direction. Now that Justice Roberts showed his true colors on this issue, pro-life advocates can only hope President Trump will be reelected to appoint one or more pro-life justices. Joining us to discuss the ideological balance of the high court and today's decision on the Louisiana abortion case is Dr. Michael Brown, author of 40 books and recognized by Newsmax as one of the top evangelical leaders in the nation.


Question 1: Dr. Brown, what is the background to this case?

Answer: In 2014, Louisiana Unsafe Abortion Protection Act was passed, requiring doctors who perform abortions in Louisiana to have the right to admit patients to a hospital within 30 miles of the place where the abortion is performed. This was upheld in 2018 by a federal appeals court. What's significant is that in 2016, the Court struck down a similar law in Texas, where Justice Anthony Kennedy sided with the liberal judges.

Question 2: What is the significance of this new ruling?

This is really bad news for the pro-life movement, since this was hardly an attack on Roe v. Wade and just a case that called for the most basic, medically-safe options for women having abortions. That the Court could not rule pro-life in this case sends a clear message that overturning Roe v. Wade is not likely unless President Trump appoints another one or two pro-life Supreme Court Justices. 

Question 3: How will this ruling play into the 2020 elections?

Answer: Even though Neil Gorsuch was a terrible disappointment to Evangelicals and political conservatives recently, and even though Chief Justice John Roberts, who was appointed by George W. Bush, has been a consistent disappointment in some major decisions for years now including this one, the alternative of a court stacked by Hillary Clinton and then Joe Biden would be a complete disaster for conservatives. This ruling will be put fresh wind in the sales of Trump supporters, underscoring why appointing new and even better justices remains one of the great imperatives of the moment.

Question 4: Evangelicals today are divided over Donald Trump. Some see him as a savior figure, anointed by God to make America great again. Others see him more like the antichrist, doing great harm to the nation and bringing embarrassment to the church. You've written a book titled, "Evangelicals at the Crossroads: Will We Pass the Trump Test?" Tell us about your book.

Answer: It contains a 10-point strategy for evangelicals to put their Christian values first without abandoning the political system.

Question 5: Any other reasons why Donald Trump has been such a divisive figure among evangelicals?

Answer: We have never had a president like Donald Trump. On the one hand, he is the least likely candidate for evangelical Christians. He has an immoral, narcissistic past. He can be nasty and divisive, savaging anyone who stands in his way, and to the extent that evangelicals are associated with him, it has hurt our witness. On the other hand, Trump is the strongest pro-life president we have ever had, he has surrounded himself with evangelical believers, he has taken a stand for religious liberties, he has been a true friend to Israel, and he has kept his major campaign promises. Some ask how a Christian could possibly support him; others ask how a Christian could not support him.

Question 6: What do you mean by the Trump test?

Answer: By the Trump test I refer to the unique challenge presented by Donald Trump. Can evangelicals vote for him without compromising our witness? Can we support him while still putting the cross before the flag? Or will we sell our souls for a seat at the table? Will be more identified as supporters of Trump than as followers of Jesus?

Question 7: In your book, you ask the question, "Has God uniquely raised up Donald Trump?" Has he?

Answer: Before Trump was elected, there were prophecies stating that he was being raised up by God like Cyrus, an idol-worshiping, pagan king who was used by God to bring the Jewish people back from exile and to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. I believe this is an exact explanation of what happened. A candidate who could make no real claims to being an evangelical Christian and who had no real possibility of becoming president suddenly became our 45th president and has been a true ally of evangelical Christians. And the main chapter in the Book of Isaiah speaking of Cyrus is also #45.

Question 8: What happened to the evangelical cry that "character counts"? Aren't evangelicals using a different standard when it comes to Trump?

Answer: That's a fair question, and certainly, many are using a double standard. After all, we shouted out "character counts" and "morality matters" in the days of Bill Clinton, yet with Trump, we say, "Well, the stakes are much greater now, so we can't be so picky" The better answer would be: "Yes, character does count, and Trump is often his worst enemy. At the same time, he has shown character in keeping his campaign promises, in standing up to countries like China and Iran, and in defending the life of the unborn"

Question 9: What are some of the points you lay out in your 10-point strategy for evangelicals to pass the Trump test?

Answer: First, we must put the cross before the flag, meaning that allegiance to Jesus is an even higher value than patriotism. Second, we must proclaim that Trump is our president, not our Savior. Third, we must put greater emphasis on spiritual activity than political activity. These are just three of the ten points we lay out in detail.

Question 10: Where can people find out more about you and where can they purchase the book?

Answer: They will find thousands of free resources at AskDrBrown.org, and they can buy the book on Amazon.

Dr. Michael Brown (www.askdrbrown.org) is the author of 40 books, including his latest book  Evangelicals at the Crossroads: Will We Pass the Trump Test? A Ph.D. from New York University, Dr. Brown has served as a visiting or adjunct professor at seven leading seminaries, and has contributed to major scholarly compendiums and journals. He has preached around the world an participated in many spirited debates on university campuses throughout the United States and abroad.  

Dr. Brown maybe found on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

The Book: Evangelicals at the Crossroads: Will We Pass the Trump Test?

We have never had a president like Donald Trump.

Some say he is our best president ever. Others say he is the absolute worst.

Some look to him as a savior figure, while others compare him to the antichrist.

Some say that, as Christians, we must support this pro-life, pro-family, pro-Christian president. Others say that by standing with him, we have destroyed our Christian witness.

How do we sort this out? Did God specially raise up Donald Trump to be president? Are Christians called to vote for him, or should they vote him out of office?

In this unique book by Dr. Michael Brown, host of the nationally syndicated Line of Fire radio program, and author of 40 books, Dr. Michael Brown presents both the pro-Trump and anti-Trump positions, laying out the challenges we must face if we are to pass the Trump Test.

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