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The Secret to Becoming a 6-figure Speaker, FREE Video
Robin Jay Robin Jay
Las Vegas, NV
Thursday, February 22, 2024

Discover How to Earn MORE Every Time You Speak!
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A Message from Robin Jay, President, Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau

I became a speaker primarily to promote my first book. I soon discovered I could earn a lot more from speaking than from selling books. But it wasn't until I launched the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau in 2006 that I realized I had been going about it all wrong!

How to Get Paid as a Professional Speaker

In the 18 years since I've been President of the Speakers Bureau, I've seen countless speakers making the same mistakes. If you're a speaker who wants to know what it takes to succeed, I can assure you, it doesn't have to be a struggle! You just need to know a few game-changing facts about the speaking industry. I can help you to achieve the six-figure success you desire.

Earn Thousands as a Motivational Speaker

Most people want to become speakers because they've survived a life-changing experience, they've excelled in business, or they've overcome a challenge that most could not have gotten through. By sharing such stories, a speaker can earn $5,000, $10,000, or more for a one-hour keynote presentation! Wouldn't you like to do what you love, inspire others, and make a great living? I'm in a unique position to show you how.

If you're like most speakers, you probably started out by taking any speaking opportunity, paid or not, as you began to learn the ropes of professional speaking. You may have even gotten a full-fee gig for several thousand dollars, excited to believe you were on your way.

Speaking for FREE and Struggling

Then, more organizations reach out, asking you to speak for free: your local Chamber of Commerce, "The Animal Circuit" (Lions, Elks, Rotary Clubs, etc.), and friends who want you to speak to the employees at their company. Speaking of animals, now you're working like a dog! You hope to sell your books in the back of the room, but they cost you so much to print you haven't even broken even yet. You know you're a captivating speaker, yet each year, you grow increasingly discouraged, and ask yourself, "What am I doing wrong?"

Once I launched the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau, I discovered what many speakers were doing wrong and why they struggled to earn "The Big Bucks"

I created a short, FREE video titled "Introduction to INSIDER'S SECRETS: The Keys to 6-Figure Speaking," in which I share the biggest mistakes most speakers make and why they struggle. Check it out and see if you've made the same mistakes.

If you're ready to stop working so hard to earn the money you deserve, you'll want to check out my easy 5-week online course, "INSIDER'S SECRETS: Keys to 6-figure Speaking" I'm even offering 50% off for a limited time because I really want to help you break free and start earning six figures doing what you love. Enjoy the FREE video now!

For more on Robin Jay, Sunny's Secrets, the Key Movies, or the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau, visit https://RobinJay.com, http://LVCSB.com, or email: Robin@LVCSB.com. 

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