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The Scam Brigade Makes its Debut on Twitter Just in Time for National Ethics Awareness Month
Tom Antion -- Internet Marketing Expert Tom Antion -- Internet Marketing Expert
Virginia Beach, VA
Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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 Tom Antion  

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Most People Think 'National Ethics Awareness Month' Prompts Everyone to Practice Good Ethics, but the Real Truth is Scam Artists Never Take a Break

An insider's look on the scams happening all around us and maybe even to us

You needn't look far for the latest information regarding the con artists behind today's highly evolved scams. The question Tom asks is this: Is the full story really being disclosed – are these criminals really being put to justice? And if you've ever been scammed you know the answer is not really. 

Tom Antion, a leading expert in consumer advocacy revealed, "It's time we separate fact from fiction, and myths from truths. The real story here is fraudulent and conniving individuals are hiding behind the web, phone, or their social status and are robbing and ruining the lives of innocent victims. 

Tom Antion asks consumers to consider these three facts before taking this matter lightly or hesitating to report a scam: 
  • Only 11% of scams are reported
  • The same technology we use to make our lives easier are the same technology that scammers are using to remain anonymous and get away with crime
  • Scammers prey on hopelessness and vulnerability – they cannot scam those who are armed and informed 
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For media inquiries, to arrange for an interview or an expert quote please contact Tom  Antion at (301) 346-7403.

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Tom Antion is the host of Scam Brigade. Tom Antion has been recognized by consumer advocacy groups for defending consumers' rights and is a member of Consumers Against Fraud. Scam Brigade is headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, US. 

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