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The Plot to Save America Reviewed by Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures.com
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For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Montreal, QC
Friday, June 24, 2022

Author: Avraham Azrieli

ISBN:  ? 978-1953648112

When I started readingAvraham Azrieli’s latest novel, The Plot to Save America, myinitial feeling was, could this actually take place? However, what isindeed chilling is that I received the book while following the Jan6th investigations and their revelations. Although the story may beover-the-top and comical at times, I still have this lingeringfeeling as to the consequences of Trump stealing the election.

The narrative features aDeath Penalty Investigator #1645 (Death Penalty Investigator’sidentities are strictly confidential) who begins by telling us thatwhat we are about to read is his report dealing with Stuart Tenison,who was sentenced to death by The Domestic Terror Tribunal on Jun5th, 2024.

The investigator remarksthat his investigation not merely contributed to the ending of hiscareer, but also resulted in a devastating national catastrophe. Forthese reasons, he felt compelled to come clean and publicize hisreport. It should be mentioned that everyone condemned to death wasentitled to a review by the Death Penalty Review Board.

Who is Tenison? He wasregarded as a respected American Patriot who invented the Lime-GreenPatch that immigrants had to wear at all times. Up to his arrest, heserved three years as Chief Inspector at the Immigration and CustomsEnforcement (ICE) for the Mid-Atlantic division. In addition, he hadtwenty-five years with law enforcement, fifteen years with OathKeepers, eight years with MAGA, and three years with the SSS (Stopthe Steal Soldiers). These so-called soldiers wear the SSS pin ontheir lapel-something similar to the Nazi S.S. symbol.

When the investigatorfirst interrogates Tenison, he is in prison and is seriously illbecause of radioactive poisoning. Why was he sentenced to death?Based on a photograph and a sworn affidavit by ICE agent RobLancaster, Tenison was caught sharing a leaf of paper with a foreignspy near the office of the European Union Delegation in Washington.However, the evidence did not reveal the entire document but a pieceof paper with the ensuing heading: “The Plot to Save America By AnAnonymous Eyewitness.”

The investigator producesthe sheet of paper, which seemingly bears brown and crusted humanblood blotches. Tenison had spotted it while he was investigating anapparent suicide involving a white male who possibly shot himself inhis automobile.

The deceased turns out to be  aprominent government employee and Tenison doubted that the deceasedhad taken his own life.

Tenison declines tocooperate with the investigator and discloses nothing involving thisstrange document, which we will ultimately learn had a profoundconsequence on the USA.

As background, readers areinformed that Donald Trump successfully prevented the certificationby Congress of Joe Biden for President under the U.S. Constitution.The Stop the Steal movement is alive and kicking, fueled by Trump’sblatant lies. The tall distortion is that a radical group of BlackLives Matter and Antifa terrorists, pretending to be supporters ofTrump, forced their way into the Capital, precipitating a fire thatexpanded throughout the building bringing down the dome and the lossof half of the members of the House and Senate including VicePresident Mike Pence.

On the evening of thisghastly incident, Trump signed the Capital Fire Decree, instituting astate of emergency on the entire country and advocating war onDomestic Terror. The U.S. Constitution was suspended, and martial lawwas imposed nationwide. We are now in a country where Trump hasunlimited authority. And among the many new laws and decrees enactedis the prohibition of same-sex marriages, and homosexuality isregarded as a mental illness requiring incarceration.

Once Azrieli sets up his yarn, it travels at a crisp pace, where we can get easily bogged downon the minutiae. Still, we are engaged by the whole as to how fragileis democracy and how matters could have been very different. Itaccomplishes the theme of alternate history with style and keenperception, providing a fascinating glimpse of “what if” aferocious demagogue had come to power?

Azrieli undoubtedly setout to accomplish more than entertain with this political thriller.But he wrote the book to make America wake up.

In his closingchapter, he reminds us of Hitler and Nazism, where people blindlyfollowed a mad man, causing the murder of millions.

Noteworthy isAzrieli’s mention of Daniel Goldhagen’s book Hitler’s WillingExecutioners, Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust. “It wasfascinating to learn how history repeated itself, but it gave melittle comfort to learn how many Germans also believed in lies thatjustified active participation in the mass killing of innocentpeople.” Could this happen in the USA, and are we taking whathappened on Jan 6th seriously?

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