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The Petz Model: Perform at your Best
Jon Petz - Ohio Motivational Speaker - Corporate Entertainer and Magician Jon Petz - Ohio Motivational Speaker - Corporate Entertainer and Magician
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Powell, OH
Saturday, November 11, 2023


As I exit the stage or board room at the end of a Keynote or Emcee performance, I treasure the moments that follow as I am always humbled when an audience member excitedly asks “HOW‘d ya do it” and of course, my favorite – “DO it AGAIN“! It brings me so much joy as we, in that moment, form a small huddle that is a undiscerning group of C-Suite, Executive leaders, business owners and “It’s my first day” participants – all buzzing with excitement as gather together as I get to share an, unrehearsed encore “reveal”!

My professional journey into the energetic world of performance began very early in my childhood, immersed books magic books. Each illusion was a gateway to a world where nothing was impossible! The allure of the illusions and the artistry in the performance was irresistible. Each time I turned a page, “The Effect” – a spellbinding and memorable illusion that seemed to defy reality was discovered. What truly enchanted me, however, was the subsequent discovery: Nothing was left to chance. The artistry yet simplicity that was behind each sleight of hand – something CLICKED!

“The Reveal” went far beyond igniting the spark of wonder! I craved the knowledge and the skill that could create these true moments of significance and enchantment – the igniting of passion and curiosity soon grew into awareness!

It became apparent to me that a series of rules that had to be followed in order to achieve the magic. I began perfecting my peak performance method to share moments of wonder in the boardroom and from the stage!

In business, much like in magic, ‘The Effect’ is the awe-inspiring outcome, positive ROI, – a team that’s passionately engaged and consistently excelling. However, the real magic lies in the rules and the method…. The Peak Performance Model…the creative strategies that elevate ordinary performance to the realm of the extraordinary, transforming everyday challenges into SHOWTIME moments!

Using my unique blend of humor, energy, and insightful content, I lead teams to discover their hidden potential. My performance mindset model is about identifying those unique, memorable techniques for delivering top-notch performance and re-engaging passion and pride in who we are and what we DO. This is achieved in showtime moments on the stage, in the boardroom, and simply in creating moments of significance that reignite true human connection!


Identify and seize the opportunity

Rekindle your teams’ sense of awareness, curiosity and innovation about what you do and how you do it.

Deliver with excellence and impact

Uncover greatness in others, through simple moments. Find unique & memorable methods of delivering consistent unparalleled performances.

Appreciate and Recognize “the MAGIC” purpose and impact

Celebrate and nurture a culture where the purpose is valued, performance is recognized, and appreciation is shared.

For those seeking sustainable peak performance, I, Jon Petz, author of the best-seller ‘Boring Meetings Suck!™’ and recognized expert in creating impactful and engaging experiences, invite you to join me! Let’s elevate our performance and motivation, transforming everyday responsibilities into significant, impactful contributions. Life is not a dress rehearsal – Let’s make every moment count, because no one remembers boring!

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