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The Persian Glories Reviewed by Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures.com
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Dateline: Montreal, QC
Wednesday, November 16, 2022


Author: SusanWakeford Angard

Publisher: TudorHouse


Readers familiarwith Susan Wakeford Angard’s debut novel, On Wings of aLion, will in the sequel, The Persian Glories, recognizethe spunky documentary filmmaker Kathryn Whitney, and her fiancé,the courageous photographer Anthony Evans.


The couple arepassionately in love with each other and will not let anyone comebetween them, no matter what perilous situations they may encounter.As a side remark, reading the first novel is not a prerequisite toenjoying the second one. 

Both narrativesfocus on Iran’s precious jewels and are set against the backdrop ofthe Iranian Revolution. 

The Prologueto The Persian Glories presents readers with aglimpse of the unfolding tale.

The kickoff scenetakes place in the Niavaran Palace in Iran in September 1942. Theevent is the annual ball given by the crown prince of Iran, MohammadReza Shah, the future Shah.

It is here wherewe are introduced to eighteen-year-old Rena Anjani. Rena has beenmarried for four months to the Iranian Prime Minister, Valik Ajani,twenty years her senior. And as we shall learn, Rena is quite “apiece of work” that you wouldn’t want to cross. 

She is jealous ofher beautiful older sister, Ilyia, who was always the preferred onein their household. However, now being married to Valik permits herbountiful freedoms to throw around her power and get whatever shedemands. 

The central eventof the evening is the placing on display in the palace’s receptionhall Iran’s precious jewels, the Persian Glories. It is believedthat these jewels carry a remarkable legacy, and when you unselfishlygive them to someone you care for, they produce wonderful love.

While adoring andcraving the jewels, Rena encounters Lieutenant Omar Houdin, who ispart of the prince’s guard. Rena is flustered and orders him tostay away from her, as she is now a married woman. In the past, Renahad a slight teasing fling in her father’s garden with Omar. Bothof these figures will play treacherous critical roles in the novel.

There is quite afuss when an Englishman, Richard Evans of England, the next Earl ofEdyton, enters the hall. The prince and Richard are close friends,dating back to their school days. Richard recently married Rena’ssister Ilyia, which was shocking news to Rena. She had no notion thatthe couple were married, as she had not been in contact with hersister for the previous four months. 

And if this wasnot sufficient of a disturbance to Rena, the prince declares that heis granting with love and friendship, the Persian Glories uponRichard, sealing their countries bond for their lifetime. Renashrieks silently to herself, believing that the jewels should behers, as the prince loved her first. Now, they belong to her sister;once again, her sister outshone her for the entire world to see. 

Fast forward toTehran, October 1978, where we come across Mirdad Ajani, son of RenaAnjani, who has just been told that Iran’s precious treasures havebeen moved from the palace by his cousin Anthony Evans, whoseparents, as we shall read, were killed in a mysterious plane crash.

Mirdad is orderedto assassinate Anthony. 

We also meet filmdirector Kathryn Whitney, who is on her way to the airport and out ofIran after a failed film shoot. Kathryn and Anthony pledge to meet intwo weeks in England.

Not only isAnthony on Mirdad’s hit list, but also on the merciless Black Gloveterrorist list for his activities in helping Iranians escape Iran.

Iran’s famousPersian Glories crops up in the narrative when we learn that Kathrynhas wrapped them in her crystal evening bag. They were a betrothalgift and a legacy from Anthony’s mother. Kathryn was tasked withdelivering the jewels to Anthony’s grandfather’s vault inEngland.

She is unawarethat Anthony forgot to tell her not to take The Persian Glories as itwas very dangerous and life threatening. To make matters worse, shedid not have the necessary documents that would get her throughEngland's customs. In addition, she was bringing in a gift thatAnthony received from a client that she knows nothing about.

In another partof the story, Mirdad discovers something about his cousin Anthonyand cousin's late parents that will have devastating effects on hisrelationship with his mother Rena.

What ensues overthe remaining pages is a mix of a nail-biting thriller with acaptivating family drama. The result is an imaginative novel that is,at moments, daunting and exceptionally visual. Angard has apropensity for well-paced and well-blocked flurries of turbulentaction. Scenes are driven by a flowing narrative style with alarmingundercurrents, where we have a complex tapestry of sibling rivalry,love, hate, sinister evil secrets, duplicity, resentment, andmaliciousness. How the narrative plays out is too exciting to bespoiled by revealing what happens.

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