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The Mind of a Smart Barter Trader
RETIRED ------------ Tom McDowell -- The Barter Expert RETIRED ------------ Tom McDowell -- The Barter Expert
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Naples , FL
Sunday, June 02, 2013

Like any trade, there are winners and losers in the barter exchange network business. It pays to learn the strategy and know what you?re doing before you even initiate a trade. Optimize your barter potential from the beginning with the right attitude and knowledge. Always winning isn?t a simple task, but it?s the heart of the game.

http://bartertrainer.com/Be Flexibly Creative

The barter network has a wide range of goods and services available, but you may need to be flexible as well as creative to truly meet your needs. You may need to keep an open mind on suppliers and shop around for the best alternative available, and you might even need to be open to travel in order to get the ideal item. Be prepared to be flexible. Either way, when you barter for the item or service you?ll get a much better deal than you would by paying cash. After all, when you spend the trade dollars earned from new sales to new barter customers you?ll end up with filling your needs at your cost of goods discount and keep more cash in your checkbook.

Don?t let the idea of barter limit you with what you can do. Have you considered paying suppliers with barter? This can really cut down on your business expense, as your surplus literally feeds the bottom line of your company. If a particular company is playing hardball in negotiating a deal, offer to do part of the job in exchange for barter. Get the company involved in your barter network, you?ll gain a new client and collect both cash and trade to sweeten the transaction.

Practice Urgent Patience

No matter the size of the barter network, not everything will be available immediately when you want it. You may have to wait for the best deal or the right quality item. Take your time. Goods and services come and go, so there will always be another chance. At the same time, know when the time is right. Don?t let the perfect barter deal disappear because you hesitated. Investigate, research in advance and learn when to pull the trigger on a good barter opportunity. High demand items go fast in a barter network ? it pays not to hesitate with barter.

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