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The Little Act that Can Transform Your Consulting Firm
David A. Fields -- Sales Growth Expert David A. Fields -- Sales Growth Expert
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Ridgefield , CT
Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Your consulting firm can take bold actions to win clients and generate value. Today, though, my question is whether you could accomplish more for your consulting firm by focusing on small, mundane acts.

Most people harbor an outsized obsession with “the big play.” The highlight reel shot that wins the game, the all-in bet that hits the jackpot, the tear-jerking performance that warrants an Academy Award.

You remember your own moments of triumph and they figure prominently in the tales of your life, your adventures, and your consulting firm’s successes.

The truth, of course, is games are never won or lost on asingle play. Highlight reels—including your personal montage ofaccomplishments—overemphasize grand gestures.

Think smaller, and more boring.

You can create huge wins for your consulting practice withsmall, prosaic actions that typically go uncelebrated. Not just small. Tiny. Lilliputian.

In fact, I call these Micro Deposits.

Micro Deposits are seemingly insignificant contributions to a relationship that nurture the bond, build trust, and set the stage for collaboration. Ultimately, these mini deeds set you up for big wins such as signed projects, successful negotiations, and premium fees.

Examples of Micro Deposits:

  • Ask, “How are you?” and show genuine intereste in the response.
  • Offer something small. “Can I grab you a glass of water?”
  • Tell a tasteful joke.
  • Comment positively on something relevant. “Your new logo rocks.”
  • Offer a compliment—even a general one. “You look very dapper today.”
  • Reference something personal from a previous conversation. “Did your daughter ever take a bath?”

Micro Deposits continue to add value after you’ve signed a consulting project. For instance, daily, ongoing Micro Deposits into your client relationships will enable you to surmount difficult obstacles or missteps during a project.

That’s the good news. Here’s the bad news: Micro Deposits don’t occur by happenstance. You need to practice.

Fortunately, you can exercise your Micro Deposit muscle throughout the day. Set a goal for yourself to contribute one different Micro Deposit to every single person you interact with today. Try again tomorrow. Then the next day.

(By the way, practicing your MicroDeposits habit at home will help your personal relationships flourish.)

What Micro Deposits do you (or could you) offer to your consulting firm’s clients?

Managing Director
Ascendant Consulting, LLC
Ridgefield, CT