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The Irwin Awards-December 9th on Zoom- Join Us.
Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters
Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, December 4, 2021

The ideas, the authors, the humor, and the community career hub
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Looking for a safe, informative, and provocative holiday mixer to open your imagination and hone skills during the last days of 2021?

Here it is!!!!

A personable, evocative, and enlightening publicists and authors' celebratory event on ZOOM!

An annual educational event for you AND the winners list for this year-streaming locally, nationally, and internationally, yoo-hoo!

Announcing: The 2021 IRWIN AWARDS- Industry Recognition of Writers in the News from the Book Publicists of Southern California (Awards at the Holiday Zoom Mixer) December 9th Zoomed from Beverly Hills. Come virtually, munch at home, learn about a lifetime's adventure and plan your integrated campaign for coming years by seeing publicity, insight, vision, and sweat and tears in action. Next time it might be you.

Learn how to take part next year, SCBP is looking for talent, leadership and what you might add to drive the quality, the fun, the progress, and the Book Business/Copyright Industries with new titles, new projects, new business, new voices, new images, new visions, and new skills

Happy Holidays…. see you at the event.


What is a publicist?

Publicist Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More (thebalancecareers.com)

Book Publicists of Southern California - The Book Fest

Our founder & MC- using humor and vision to launch careers & teach the business   

Through community, Mr. Irwin Zucker!

        https://iwosc.org › writers-marketing-round-table-delivering-message



Here is a list of genre categories from the Library of Congress:

Genre/Form Headings at the Library of Congress (loc.gov)

List of Book Types or Genres (yourdictionary.com)


These books are listed on author, publisher, distributor, store, and online reseller websites either worldwide, regionally, or nationally, or at book reselling. Please enjoy reviews on the web, covers, formats, and ingenuity it takes to go from a blank page to being a force in the lives, libraries, and musings or actions of others.



Winners by Genre and by Author: 

1. A) Michael Bash – Best How to Book & B) Roberta Edgar- Best How to Book


2. Debbie Monteggia- Best Book of Poetry


3. Steven Joseph- Best Humor Book


4. Henry M. Silvert, Ph.D.- Best Non-Fiction Book


5. Clyve Rose- Best Romantic Novella


6. Gerald Everett Jones- Best Literary Fiction


7. David Konrad- Best Children's Book Series


8. Yvonne Wakefield- Best Memoir Series


9. Tim White- Most Inspirational Book


10. Robert J. Marino- Best Volunteer Community Service


11. Reesi Rocca- Best Children's Picture Book


12. Katie Holten- Most Provocative Book


13. Ian D. Brooks, Ph.D., MS.- Best Self-Help Book


NB: 14 recipients and 13 categories


Quick List of the books on the web for gifts or your libraries:


Michael Bash – Best How to Book


Roberta Edgar- Best How to Book- Million Dollar Miracle: How to make a million dollars in a one day and never have to work again

(NB: individual prizes for Million Dollar Miracle)

Debbie Monteggia- Best Book of Poetry- Tears of Change, Poems, Reflections & Quotes for a Meaningful Life


Steven Joseph- Best Humor Book-Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness-The CrankaTsuris Method


Henry M. Silvert, Ph.D.- Best Non-Fiction Book-An Indelible Event and Detour Through a Global Childhood


Clyve Rose- Best Romantic Novella-The Christmas Salon


Gerald Everett Jones- Best Literary Fiction-Harry Harambee's Kenyan Sundowner


David Konrad- Best Children's Book Series- The Project Adventure Series


Yvonne Wakefield- Best Memoir Series-Babe in the Woods


Tim White- Most Inspirational Book-Riley & Ben: Life Offers Second Chances


Robert J. Marino- (Author of I Rather Die by the Hand of God instead of the Hands of Men) and 2021 IRWIN Award Winner for:  Best Volunteer Community Service Award

Reesi Rocca- Best Children's Picture Book-Be the Superhero You


Katie Holten, Most Provocative Book- About Trees


Ian D. Brooks, Ph.D., MS.- Best Self-Help Book-Intention: Building Capabilities to Transform your Story

Intention: Building Capabilities to Transform Your Story - Kindle edition by Brooks, Dr. Ian D. Self-Help Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com

Buy through Amazon Smile to help the SCBP or a nonprofit of your favorite choice.


Other Listings and Reviews, other information about the speakers, how you can join in 2022…watch for psa 2 this weekend, watch for more on Expert Click.com


Remember these books as gifts, business research projects on your genre, colleague authors to speak, to go to shows with, to learn from…. all nonprofit educational corporations exist because of leadership, generosity, talent, and initiatives of its members and future members. Come to the Mixer (virtually on the 9th) …bring your questions and good spirits. It is the forty-fifth year supporting the growth and refinement of the indie book publishing…what a stunt! What a hoot! Please look up their campaigns and websites and make friends, allies, and compatriots in a changing and challenging wide world of works, copyrights, dreams, teams, designs, and entrepreneurship.



Contact for joining the Holiday Mixer and annual Holiday meeting on zoom,  December 9th, 2021, brad@promotioninmotion.com, or irwinzuckerpr@aol.com. Get information on how to join, dues, events and more. The Awards night is free.


Book Publicists of Southern California (BPSC), Holiday Mixer, 27th Annual Event, Annual IRWIN Awards, December 9th, 2021, 6:30-8:30pm, Pacific Time (US and Canada).


Join the Zoom Meeting to see the awards and see the authors!


This psa shown courtesy of ExpertClick.com and Publisher Mitchell Davis.

Prepared for BPSC by C. Lebo

Califorrnia making its mark and continuing the traditions that launch authors and careers.


 A West Coast and East Coast Innovation- join the revolution, use new mediums, learn new skills, work in teams, keep evolving.....thanks to the team work, the trade shows, the innovators, and the award recognition each and every year here, there, and overseas. Thank you and celebrate.

Welcome to the World of Indie Publishing...whether new or returning and learning new skills...  Join the Book Publicist event...and keep progressing one year at a time...

What is Indie Publishing? And How to Get Started in 2021 (reedsy.com)

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