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The Inside Scoop on the Jesse James - Kat Von D Split
Ruth Houston - Infidelity Expert Ruth Houston - Infidelity Expert
New York , NY
Sunday, July 31, 2011

Details on the Jesse James – Kat von D split that you won’t find anywhere else + photos of Jesse and Kat

For insight and analysis of the Jesse James – Kat von D split, check out infidelity expert. Ruth Houston's Celebrity Infidelity column at www.CelebrityInfidelity.com  .

Ruth Houston's popular Celebrity Infidelity column takes you behind the scenes and gives you details, inside information, and a unique perspective on cheating celebrities that you won't find anywhere else.

Celebrity Infidelity Scandals from an Infidelity Expert's Point of View

Houston, a nationally-recognized infidelity expert who has researched infidelity for over 17 years, is frequently called on by the media to comment on celebrity infidelity, popular infidelity issues and infidelity breaking news.

So if you're following the latest celebrity infidelity scandal and want the inside scoop, check out what Ruth Houston has to say. For links to photos of Kat and Jesse, and background information on their relationship, scroll down to the other 2 lists below.

Behind the Scenes in the Jesse James and Kat von D Split

The 4 articles below - , complete with photos, take you behind the scenes in the Jesse James and Kat von D split. For inside scoop, click the links below, or visit www.CelebrityInfidelity.com .

How Kat von D's Tattoo Led to Her Break-up with Jesse James

Kat von D's tattoo of Jesse James face on her rib cage was the turning point in her relationship with Jesse. Kat's tattoo triggered a series of events which eventually led to Kat and Jesse's split. This article explains how and why Kat's tattoo was the beginning of the end..

Kat von D Embarrassed Because Jesse James Cheated on Her, Too

Kat von D's split with Jesse James has turned out to be a big embarrassment because she ignored the warnings that Jesse would cheat on her, too. Now Jesse has humiliated Kat von d by cheating on her the same way he cheated on Sandra Bullock, and his other 2 wives. Rather than discuss her split with Jesse, an embarrassed Kat walked off the set of Good Day LA, last week.

The REAL Reasons Why Jesse James and Kat von D Finally Split Up

Was distance REALLY the reason Jesse James and Kat von D suddenly ended their engagement, cancelled their summer wedding, and officially called it quits? The REAL reasons why Kat and Jesse split are very different from what Jesse James would have everyone believe.

Kat Von D's Fight with Jesse James Over Suspected Infidelity the Day Before Their Split

When did Kat von D first suspect Jesse James of infidelity? An eyewitness heard Kat fighting with Jesse over another woman the day before the called it quits.

Photos and Slideshows of Jesse James and Kat von D

Kat von D's tattoo of Jesse James
- 10 pictures from the episode of LA Ink where Kat shows Jesse her tattoo

Jesse James and Kat von D before the split – 20 pictures of Kat and Jesse together before their split

The Many Faces of Kat von D – 25 pictures of Kat von D, celebrity tattoo artist, author, and star of LA Ink 

Glamour Shots of Kat von D – 19 beauty and glamour shots of celebrity tattoo artist, Kat von D

Background Articles on Kat von D, Jesse James. and their Relationship before the Split

For background information on Jesse James, Kat von D, and their relationship before the split relationship, see the articles below, or visit www.CelebrityInfidelity.com  .

Jesse James and Kat von D Plan to Marry on the Anniversary of their First Date

Kat von D Gets Warnings from Jesse James' Mistress and His Ex-Wife

Bombshell McGee May be Right about Jesse James and Kat von D

Jesse James Still Trashing Sandra Bullock for His Tell-All Book

Kat Von D and Jesse James Still Together – Are They Engaged? – The Inside Scoop

 UPDATE: Jesse James - Kat von D engagement, wedding plans, Sandra Bullock, more

10 Things about Kat von D, Jesse James Fiancee 

Has Jesse James Replaced Sandra Bullock with Kat Von D?

Jesse James and Kat von D Tweet their Love for Each Other on Twitter

Jesse James to Further Embarrass Sandra Bullock by Writing a Tell-All Book + slideshow 

Jesse James and Kat von D to Get a Reality Show – Sandra Bullock is Horrified

Jesse James is on a Mission to Win Sandra Bullock Back

Will Jesse James' Nightline Interview Convince Sandra Bullock to Take Him Back?

Will the Finalized Divorce of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Mark the End or a New Beginning? 

Could You Be Duped into Dating a Married Man Like Jesse James Duped Michelle Bombshell McGee?

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