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The Future Of Selling: How AI Is Changing The Game For Sales Reps
Terry Brock -- Achievement Systems Terry Brock -- Achievement Systems
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Dateline: Orlando, FL
Friday, February 2, 2024


Hey there, it’s Terry Brock and Gina Carr, and in this episode, we’re diving into the world of AI-powered sales and the game-changing impact it has on the selling process for reps just like you. 

We’re talking all about the benefits of using predictive analytics, automated outreach, chatbots, and AI-generated content in customer profiling and sales. 

Plus, we’re sharing our favorite AI tools like Salesforce’s Einstein, Content Cloud, and Yoodli that are enhancing productivity and creating opportunities for more personalized and efficient customer interactions. 

Come join us as we uncover the ways in which AI is helping us and other sales reps excel in today’s competitive market.

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Hall of Fame keynote speaker Terry Brock is a globally connected leading authority who works with organizations that want to leverage technology and social media for more customer engagement, productivity, and increased profitability.

Terry is the former Chief Enterprise Blogger for Skype, former Editor-in-Chief for AT&T’s Networking Exchange blog, and former Chief Retail Advisor for ACE Hardware. 

A master at his craft, Terry earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association and was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame. He was inducted into the Virtual Speakers Hall of Fame and he was recognized as a Legend by the Veteran Speakers Association.

Terry is also a Cavett Award recipient, recognized as the National Speakers Association’s “most cherished”  award (only one per year).


As the CEO of Stark Raving Entrepreneurs, Gina Carr works with business leaders to leverage AI-powered marketing for more impact, influence, and income.  Gina has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an engineering degree from Georgia Tech. Known as “The Tribe Builder,” Gina helps passionate people build powerful tribes of raving fans.

A serial entrepreneur, Gina has created several businesses, including an award-winning real estate company, a chain of community magazines, and Video Rock Starz. She is the CEO of TEDxDupreePark. A native Atlantan, Gina now lives in Orlando with her sweetie Terry Brock.  Gina is a passionate advocate for animals, freedom, and plant-based living!

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 Terry Brock & Gina Carr


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Time Stamps

  1. [00:02:03] – Terry and Gina discuss the benefits of automated outreach and how AI factors into it.
  2. [00:03:35] – Terry explains the concept of predictive analytics and its role in helping sales reps stay ahead of the curve.
  3. [00:04:52] – Gina shares her thoughts on the use of chatbots in the sales process and the importance of answering customer questions promptly.
  4. [00:06:28] – Terry talks about the value of using AI for industry research and content creation in sales.
  5. [00:08:14] – Gina and Terry delve into the realm of AI-generated content and the tools they recommend for this purpose.
  6. [00:09:35] – Terry discusses the significance of AI training for salespeople and introduces tools such as 2nd Nature and Yoodly.
  7. [00:11:03] – Gina highlights the importance of enhancing productivity through AI and the use of voice recorders and autodial technology.

These time stamps capture the key points discussed in the episode related to the impact of AI on sales and how it can benefit sales reps.


Spanish Language Summary

En este episodio de “Stark Raving Entrepreneurs”, Terry Brock y Gina Carr discuten cómo la inteligencia artificial está cambiando la forma en que los representantes de ventas se conectan con clientes y aumentan las ventas. Discuten herramientas como la creación de perfiles de clientes impulsada por AI, alcance automatizado, análisis predictivo, chatbots, investigación de la industria enfocada en ventas, creación de contenido generada por AI y entrenamiento de vendedores a través de AI. También enfatizan la importancia de personalizar el contenido generado por AI para que refleje la voz y la marca del vendedor. Los anfitriones también invitan a los oyentes a unirse a su grupo de Stark Raving Entrepreneurs para obtener más información y recursos.


For your convenience, here is an unedited transcript for this episode. Please let us know what you think.

Terry Brock [00:00:00]:
What if you could predict your next big sale or you could craft just that perfect pitch with the help of AI? Well, we’re gonna dive into the world of those predictive analytics. And you can think, oh, okay. What’s going on here? Automated outreach and real time customization, all of this with I, to help you as a salesperson, as a manufacturer’s rep, as a sales rep to be able to get more sales, connect with people, and really do what you do best. I’m Terry Brock, and I’m joined today with Gina Carr as we talk about some wonderful ways that you can use AI and get moving with it. And, Gina, really appreciate you being here because I wanna talk about the AI powered customer profiling. It’s one of the things that manufacturers reps particularly are using. They’re using to create detailed customer profiles. Now this is nice.

Terry Brock [00:00:48]:
When you’re in sales, you know the more you can Help understand your customer, that prospect, what they’re looking for, the better off you’re gonna be. You can better tailor it. Tools like Salesforce’s Einstein is really good for that. There’s also Optimizely and Clearbit. These are examples. And what they do is they reach out and they find what people are using and what they like based on their past behaviors and some of their postings in various social media, etcetera. This is a great little tool. What are your thoughts on the possibilities of that, Gina? When you think about the whole thing of get getting customer profiling using AI.

Gina Carr [00:01:28]:
Well, it makes it so much more possible to clarify who your a who your avatar is, who your target market is. Because in in the old days, it’d just be, oh, it’s men Over the age of 50 who, like Corvettes or something like that. So this makes it that that nuancing of the avatar and the description of your ideal Customer much more targeted and it makes it possible to clarify. Let’s say there’s 2 or 3 different targets that you’re going after with the same Product, or service, and so that can be really helpful.

Terry Brock [00:02:03]:
Yeah. Absolutely. Matter of fact, that relates to something else that I want to hear from you about is automated outreach. Tell us a little bit about that and how AI factors in there.

Gina Carr [00:02:12]:
Well, because of the new tools and the power of AI, Now you’re able to really rev up your email. So for a long time, we’ve been able to do a merge and say, dear John or customize our emails a little bit. But with AI, we’re able to really customize and personalize emails that are going to go out to your prospects, to your customers, and that’s gonna free up a lot more of your time so that you can work on developing those relationships that are so important For developing your marketing and your sales. And so, I mean, just imagine that you’re sending hundreds of personalized emails That are focused on what that person was interested in. So it’s gonna be really amazing to do that with just a single click.

Terry Brock [00:02:57]:
Yeah, I think so. That’s really nice and really that’s where AI comes in. Now it ties in also with a third thing we want to tell to you about here is predictive Analytics. Now this one is almost like rubbing your magic ball there, your crystal ball to say, okay, what’s going on here? I’ve got some notes I’ve put down on this here that it’s gonna be able to analyze your past sales data to predict future trends, helping manufacturers reps stay ahead of the curve and strategize effectively. It’s like having that crystal ball. And remember, they’re only as good as the data that you feed it. So what you wanna do is you wanna make sure you get the right data in there that you’re saying, okay. This is what happened.

Terry Brock [00:03:35]:
Now remember, the past does not equal the future. So just because something happened in the past doesn’t mean It’s gonna be the same way in the future. What you wanna do is be able to say, okay. There has been a tendency that when this and this and this happened in the marketplace, We see a direct correlation to where sales go either up or down or they’re going in this other direction. And I think there’s some real possibilities that you can get from that and can really help you. We’re gonna be talking about these and more. And matter of fact, what you wanna do is if you, like this kind of idea, be sure and subscribe. Because when you subscribe then you’re going to find out about these videos that we’re coming out with on how you can use AI in selling.

Terry Brock [00:04:15]:
This will be important and Because we talk about selling and you building your entrepreneurial business either as a sales rep, being an entrepreneur, kind of yourself, or in other ways, This will be a way you, are able to let the algorithms know, hey, we like that idea of freedom and building our business in a strong way. So a lot of good things like that are gonna be happening. And now another thing that’s being used with this, I think is really nice, it saves the effort of people having to do so much work and let chatbots take care of a lot of it. Gina, what are your thoughts on chatbots and how those can help in the sales process.

Gina Carr [00:04:52]:
Well, I think it’s so important to be able to answer people’s questions When they are ready versus when you have team members on the ready. So if you can empower your chatbot with Information, frequently asked questions. A lot of people that come to your website and have a question or are using your service and have a question do Would be able to use a chatbot that’s preprogrammed with these frequently asked questions. I know that, Generally, I really like this type of service, just personally when I’m when I’m on a website and I need to get a question answered. And then I like it when it Quickly can take me to the next step of sending an email or what or putting me in touch with a real person if the chatbot’s not able to answer my question. But Since people are operating at all hours of the day, we’re such a global most of our businesses, most of our clients are very global. They could be working with someone when the other part of the world is sleeping, and you can get those answers to your questions quickly. And that’s what we want to do With our clients to make it easier for people to do business with us.

Terry Brock [00:06:01]:
Yeah. Absolutely. So we’re there helping customers when they want it, And we let chatbots do a lot of the work, and then when we do have people, it goes there. I think it’s a really, really good way to do it. And then there’s another tool It’s really good. We’re tapping into this right now, Gina. You know, with sales focused industry research, there are tools out there that can help you to know here’s what’s going on. Matter of fact, one that we’re using right now is with a client of ours that gives us Content Cloud.

Terry Brock [00:06:28]:
Content cloud is available and it gives you the ability to go into I love their discover area. We type in a question and it gives a whole bunch of different Options of articles, like, we’ve seen maybe 10, 15, 20 articles. And I love this because it’s letting us do some real research and find out what is really going on, what are people looking for. With AI as your research tool, you’re going to be way ahead. And this ties in with content creation also because sales reps are the most effective are doing some form of content creation. They’re either creating a blog or they’re creating some pictures or they’re doing some research on what the market is really saying, not just what my gut would say, but rather gonna look at what is going on in the real world. And do I we really recommend you take a look at Content Cloud, a great little tool that has some good, good features.

Gina Carr [00:07:24]:
K. And the next tool that we’d like to take a look at is what we’re calling AI generated content. And that’s where you, your marketing person, your marketing team, whoever it is that’s creating the content for you, is taking the AI tools And creating more text, audio, video, and images so that you can get more content out in the world because You have a problem that you solve. You need to let people know about it. And by using AI to generate that content, And my favorite tool is is the original, ChatGPT. And with ChatGPT, we can use the tool called DALL E, DALL E 3, which is the image Creation tool. So that’s kind of my favorite right now. Terry, what’s your what are your favorite tools to use for AI generated content?

Terry Brock [00:08:14]:
Well, I like DALL E using that. The 3 version is the one we’re using right now as we’re recording this, and that gives me a lot of capability for looking at, the ideal picture that I’ll create. And of course, we’re using chat GPT, using perplexity. I like that. And I think one thing really nice about Perplexities that also can tie in to Claude. That’s c l a u d e. We pronounce it Claude here in the United States. But it gives you the ability to really do some analysis of what’s going on and get some good ideas, and it’s a great way to, get a lot done.

Terry Brock [00:08:48]:
And then a final 7th tool that you can use is AI training salespeople. Now this is pretty magnificent. You can have a salesperson who needs to learn and by the way, isn’t that all of us? We need to learn more, need to know what we’re saying right and what could be said differently. You can have an AI coach, sales coach right there like those wonderful human coaches, but this way, You get that sales training from generative AI that can modify it based on what works best for your reps in your enterprise, in your operation, where you’re working. You can have that. Plus, you can borrow from others that have said particularly good things. In the past, We’d have to take some courses, and that’s good. We like doing that.

Terry Brock [00:09:35]:
We can have to we’d have to get a coach that’s really helpful, show us what to do. Nice on that as well. Now with AI, there’s some amazing things we can do. Matter of fact, there’s one that, see, I was looking over here. I wrote it down. 2nd Nature It’s a great little sales coaching tool that lets people understand how to do it. And another one, Gina, you’ll recognize this one, Yoodly. Using Yoodly, it has the capability of doing some training as well.

Terry Brock [00:10:01]:
We’ve been using Yoodly as a speech coach. Now it also Does some nice training, helping people in some major, major ways.

Gina Carr [00:10:10]:
Oh oh, and, Terry, there’s another one that we need to let Sales reps know about, and that’s enhancing their productivity by using AI. And so when they can automate those mundane tasks like Making phone calls or scoring sales leads through AI, then they can spend more time developing relations Relationships, which is so important in selling. So you want to make that time for what truly matters. So think about having the autodial. Autodial has been out there a long time, but now it’s enhanced with AI, which makes it so much stronger. And think of using your voice instead of text for the initial input. And you can use voice recorders that simulate your own voice, Or they can use a preprogrammed voice through different tools, and that’s a good way to do it as well.

Terry Brock [00:11:03]:
Absolutely. I really like that. It’s so much easier because when you think about it, as I’ve been saying for years, you can talk faster than you can type or write. Therefore, use that voice when you can. Those are some productivity enhancers. Well, Gina, we gave them quite a few tips here on how you can use these AI tools to create some extra sales, get out there, do your marketing properly, and get extra sales. I think we got some good choices there. What do you think, Gina?

Gina Carr [00:11:30]:
I think so. I’m so glad that these are available. They help us all to Have more time to do the things that only we can do, which is the key. And let me just say that anything we recommended to you as far as using AI, you’re You’re gonna wanna customize it. You’re gonna get into trouble if you just copy, paste, copy, paste. So you wanna read it carefully, make sure it is your voice, make sure it is what you would Say, if your team’s generating it for you, you want to review it, make sure that it’s consistent with your brand and your and your voice, And and then add them some things to make it more customized, to make it more personalized. As Terry likes to say, you ize it.

Terry Brock [00:12:12]:
Yep. Exactly. Make it you and make sure that you’re not doing the copy and paste. That’s not the way to do it, but use this as tools, as assistance, and you’ll get ahead. But we’d love to hear from you on that. We’ve got some tools for you, the AI Tools for Biz. You’ll see that in the description, those of you joining us on YouTube, ai my tools for biz.com. You can go there, whatever, and you’ll be able to pick up those.

Terry Brock [00:12:34]:
That would be good. And our Stark Raving Entrepreneurs group is out there to help you and give you the tools that you need. You can go over to starkravingentrepreneurs.com. You’ll see the information on how to get in touch with us and how we can help you out. I’m Terry Brock joined by Gina Carr. Thank you very much for joining us, and we look forward to seeing you next time.

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