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‘The Covenant Names of God’ by Richard Sones Wins International Impact Book Award
Richard Sones--Author of 'The Covenant Names of God' Richard Sones--Author of 'The Covenant Names of God'
El Paso, TX
Tuesday, February 22, 2022

‘The Covenant Names of God’ by Richard Sones Wins International Impact Book Award

El Paso, TX—The Covenant Names of God by Richard Sones won an International Impact Book Award for Book Content Quality Excellence. According to the International Impact Book Award website, the books "are reviewed by our judges and experts based on a scoring system that evaluates the quality of the writing and production of the book (editing, design, and other details)."

Beginning with a detailed explanation, The Covenant Names of God takes readers on a biblical deep dive to uncover the meaning of the name by which Abraham and Moses knew God - YHWH or "Jehovah." From there Sones explores the other eight Jehovah names, popularly known as "Covenant Names," in the order in which they appear in scripture. Sones elaborates on the background stories and the biblical characters connected with each name, along with the meaning behind the name itself and the way the name demonstrates aspects of God's nature and compassion.

"Covenant is how God has chosen to reveal himself to us through history," explains Sones. "He started with simple and basic covenants. Then, as time went on and our understanding and relationship with God deepened, the covenants became more involved and elaborate. The covenant names each reveal a specific aspect of who God is within covenant relationship to his children," says Sones. "These names show us the nature of God and endure throughout the New Testament writings, coming to their fulfillment in the person and nature of Christ."

Sones holds a Master's degree in Divinity from Southwestern Seminary and served as an Army Chaplain for 28 years, including tours in Germany, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He currently serves as pastor of a small church and chaplain at a major medical center. His seminary background, Army leadership training, and pastoral teaching experience have shaped him into a teacher with a knack for making complicated biblical themes easy to understand. The Covenant Names of God displays both his academic ability and pastoral heart, explaining intricate details of the biblical text in simple ways that clarify and help the reader understand why it matters.

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"Over the past 40 years, I have come across lists and short descriptions of the covenant names but couldn't find anything in-depth," relates Sones. "I decided to explore each name, using exegesis of the original Hebrew and Greek, which led to insights that I felt needed to be shared by writing a thorough and detailed book about the meaning and significance of covenant and the names associated with it."

"Sharing stories from the Bible like a master story weaver, Sones makes the covenant names understandable…Each name is thoroughly discussed with not only biblical references, but also illustrated by Sone's inimitable gift for relating current times and experiences to enhance understanding. This is a completely fascinating book by a fine scholar and humanitarian." —Grady Harp, Amazon Top 50 Hall of Fame Reviewer, 5-Stars

In this book, you'll find instructional and inspirational teaching about:

  • Covenants, specifically God's covenant with Israel and with believers through Jesus
  • The meaning and origin of Jehovah as God's name and its connection to covenant
  • The eight other biblical Jehovah names and the background stories in which they are found
  • Deep insight drawn from the meanings of these names and application to the reader's spiritual life
  • How the use of these Old Testament names and themes continues in the New Testament
  • God's unwavering compassion and faithfulness to his people
  • Old Testament descriptions and predictions of Jesus as divine, clarifying passages in the New Testament concerning his resurrection

"We, in our finite minds, take a while to begin to comprehend who God is," says Sones. "A baby Christian hardly knows God at all. They know of his goodness and forgiveness but not much beyond that. We see a pattern in studying the covenant names that as God has revealed himself in covenant -- knowing as we do that God does not change -- that Jesus is all that God is. I wrote this book to teach and help people understand God better and provide the awareness to deepen their relationship with him."

"In a way, this book is a self-help book on the most fundamental level," says Sones. "I hope that by learning more about God's covenant names, readers will understand that God is there, is and has always been reaching out to us, is aware of every aspect of our life (good and bad), and is in the business of making us whole and successful."

The Covenant Names of God (ebook) $7.60, ISBN: 979-8456206817, (Paperback) $13.49, 2021, 153 pages, available at Amazon.

Richard Sones, the son of an Army Signal Corps officer, was born in El Paso, TX and spent his childhood living in many locations around the world. He graduated from Southwestern Seminary with a Master's of Divinity and eventually served as a U.S. Army chaplain for nearly 28 years. His childhood experiences and his own deployments have given him deep knowledge and appreciation of a variety of people, customs, and cultures.

Having retired from the Army, he continues to minister as pastor of a Baptist church and chaplain at El Paso's Del Sol Medical Center. Happily married for more than 40 years, Richard is a proud father of four grown children and grandfather to several grandchildren. He and his wife reside just outside El Paso, TX, where he raises chickens, plays guitar, and builds things in his wood shop.

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