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Jeanette Chasworth -- The Color Whisperer Jeanette Chasworth -- The Color Whisperer
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Dateline: Los Angeles, CA
Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Back to Beautiful

It?s back to school time, back to getting serious and preparing for holidays, back to large to do lists.   The lazy days of summer are gone.

But it?s also time to get back to making you important.  

In  today?s hectic lives, there are so many demands on us, email, texts, phone calls, places to go, people to see, things to do.  

But it?s really important not to lose yourself amongst all that craziness, but how do you make time for you.  

You are BEAUTIFUL, but sometimes all the cacophony of noise around us doesn?t make us feel beautiful.   You have to remind yourself.  You need to take steps to FEEL beautiful inside and out.

Typically this is a journey that starts on the outside and finishes on the inside.  When you FEEL beautiful, you can do more, feel more, BE more you.

I would like to invite you to a special complimentary event that I have the honor of being involved in.


Back to Beautiful.

Wed September 25th 6:30-8:30

Pasadena Ca


This is a special event to help you get feeling beautiful again, through fitness, clothing and your surroundings.

Where do you want to be and Why aren?t you there?  Whether you want to lose weight, change your diet, organize your wardrobe, or redesign your life.  We will share with you the strategies to create the vision of the NEW YOU and how to start the journey to get there.


Seats are limited so don?t ?wait.

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If you are on my Facebook page (and I hope you are ? The Color Whisperer), you will see the occasional post with the comment
?Wood Lust.?   Well, let?s face it furniture IS sexy!  And shouldn?t you be excited by the pieces around you?

Okay, so looking at a picture of a hot girl or guy may have it?s momentary thrills, but the furniture you surround yourself with every day should have much more long lasting affects.

So what is ?Wood Lust??You know that feeling  you get when you see your favorite music or film star?  There?s a bit of swoon in the pit of your stomach and it?s followed by a tingle of excitement.

wm chest1

Does your furniture make you feel that way?   It should.

As an interior designer, it?s one of the dangers of the job? I?ll be watching TV and have to hit rewind, not to hear what someone said, but to check out a chair or some molding.

Why surround yourself with pieces you don?t love?  Your relationship with your furniture may start out as lust but it should lead to a lasting loving relationship.  As you clean it, as you learn to see more depth in the finish and the design and see the beauty that continues to flow from it every day, it?s there for you and is dependable and continues to grow in beauty.

Why  settle for ?blah? when you can have Beautiful?  I see people make high demands of their cars, clothes and accessories and then settle for blah in their homes.  There?s no need, it?s just as important as all those other things.


Now this piece is metal but certainly falls under the category of LOVE.  My client fell head over heels in love with this little metal table.  The color, texture and rivulets really spoke to her and it really does make the room.

Cozy Fireplace

Cozy Fireplace

Your relationship with your furniture may start out as lust but it should lead to a lasting loving relationship.  As you clean it, as you learn to see more depth in the finish and the design and see the beauty that continues to flow from it every day, i?s there for you and is dependable and continues to grow in beauty.

There?s so many options with wood.  This week I went to a molding store and saw all kinds of gorgeous wood accents.  Imagine creating that perfect piece with unique elements.

I also love pieces with unexpected surprises or uses, like hidden drawers, compartments etc.

6083_1 6083c_open-v

So I may be a little over the top but furniture IS sexy and it?s around you all the time.  Home is where the heart is and everything in it should warm your heart.  So if you don?t love your furniture, you may want to think about falling in love.  It?s fun.  When was the last time you fell in love?

]]>http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/uncategorized/is-it-love-or-lust/feed/ 0 http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/blog/technology-fun/ http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/blog/technology-fun/#comments Tue, 03 Sep 2013 18:53:39 +0000 Je4netteC http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/?p=1142 We recently came back from a few days away in Las Vegas where we stayed at the Wynn.  We were there for a convention for my husband?s work..  The last few years we were at the Venetian and admittedly sad to leave there.  The Venetian is a gorgeous hotel with great restaurants and the outdoor area is so welcoming

When the Wynn was built I remembered they advertised how much technology they used in the rooms.  It was fun to explore them.

Each room had it?s own doorbell which gave it a more ?homey? feeling.

The lighting was an electrician?s nightmare but a lighting designers dream.   Ok, it wasn?t that scary for a good electrician but the convenience was wonderful.     The lights could all be controlled from two places, the door and the nightstand.  There was an ?all on? option and a ?low? option, which was wonderful if you wanted to wake up slowly.  There was even a ?nightlight? option which had just enough light to let you walk around and get to the bathroom without waking you up in the middle of the nightstand.

The draperies and sheers could also be controlled from the nightstand ? the same control panel as the lights.   It was great for convenience and the views?.The Wynn took great care to make sure that there were some great views.   No views of the air conditioner and the inner workings of the building.

The clock had an Ipod docking station.  All the conveniences of home.

While it?s fun having all this technology at your hands is fun and exciting.  It could be done in your home as well.  Lighting and technology is often one of the least explored areas in a home and yet when done correctly can really increase your quality of life, safe you time and create a more relaxed environment for you.

If you would like a to get a consultation on how your home could be made more user friendly, call me at 626 485 6354.

]]>http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/blog/technology-fun/feed/ 0 http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/blog/summer-fun/ http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/blog/summer-fun/#comments Tue, 13 Aug 2013 18:27:58 +0000 Je4netteC http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/?p=1099 Summer is here and there?s still a lot of time to enjoy it.

We all love summer, it?s a time that reminds us of carefree vacations.  It?s a great time to travel due to the weather.  It?s  a time for concerts in the park, picnics and parties, the beach and all kinds of outdoor activities.

How would you like to keep that summer feeling all year rouund?  You can.  Outdoor rooms are the latest rage.  First of all, it?s an inexpensive way to expand your home.  We can always use more space but adding on is not just pricey, it has a very high aggravation factor.   But you can have an outdoor room with much less effort and strife.
Adding furniture to your yard, some form of shade, possibly an outdoor kitchen or bar.  They have great ways you can now add an outdoor theatre to your yard.   It doesn?t just have to be a place to play ball, it can be a place to entertain like never before.

With the help of outdoor heaters, draperies and fireplaces, these rooms can be used much more than in the summer months.  These rooms can be fun all year round depending on where you live.

Want to build your own outdoor room and don?t know where to begin?let me help you and we can create the outdoor entertainment area of your dreams.


]]>http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/blog/summer-fun/feed/ 0 http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/blog/two-year-anniversary/ http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/blog/two-year-anniversary/#comments Mon, 22 Jul 2013 18:40:08 +0000 Je4netteC http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/?p=1056 Well, the last couple weeks have been a little hard emotionally.  It?s been two years since mom died.  Other holidays were ?less painful? over the last year so I didn?t expect it to be bad.  But it came on like a storm.   First of all, my foot started hurting about a month prior. I had had an accident a week to the day afterwards and I KNOW that she was involved.  I came out relatively unscathed, sore foot and the car I HATED was completely totaled.  I KNOW she protected me.

But on the actual anniversary, I was a wreck, crying, bitchy, just overwhelmed with emotion.   It?s been a lot of emotion coming out over the last couple weeks?and I can only say that it?s the emotions eeking out.   There?s this image of grieving where you cry for a week and all is normal.  It?s not, it?s a process and it will take what it will take.  It doesn?t happen in a day, it doesn?t happen in a week, or even a year.  It continues over time, some days are hard, other days are not.   Now, I am not dwelling in this all the time but every now and then it hits me?.like a baseball bat in the gut.

Someone told me once?when you have those pangs, it?s when they are thinking of you.   So when I get them I just talk to her.

I look at the home my mother lived in and there?s all kinds of changes.   Some good, some bad, some I just think ? What were they thinking?  But all in all, they just had to be in action.   They had to change things to deal with the empty space inside.

There was a mural in the front room.  We had concerts there when I was young.  Big Band, Al Jolson, Scott Joplin and all kinds of organists would come and play.  If you knew the world of organists, you would be impressed by some of the names?however, even back then it was a very small pond and it?s even smaller now. Few people recognize them.  We had fun, there were silent movies with ?fat and skinny? as I called them, ?the great inventor? and ?the spinning house?, sing alongs where it didn?t matter if you were in tune, everybody sang.  So many wonderful memories.   The mural got covered up and that meant no more concerts ? they had slowed down tremendously  but I can?t think of a more iconic part of the home to change.  It was the last thing I thought would change ? especially with my mother dying. Perhaps if my dad had died, I could see mom getting restless and saying??Girls, that has been there for 30 odd years and your dad isn?t around to enjoy it so today we are gonna change it?.  But that?s not how it happened.   It just disappeared, overnight.   Now they didn?t paint over it, so maybe someday it will be enjoyed again but it?s gone.   I cried, I don?t know if I cried for me or for my dad and what it meant to him to lose it.  But the change was necessary and it wasn?t mine to decide what stayed and what didn?t.  It has helped them to cope better, to fill in the emptiness inside.

Our homes are part of how we deal with grief.  Is it something that just hurts too much to see?  Is it something that you treasure as a reminder?  And those things change over time.  However, I do love to help my clients see through the emotion, find the things that serve them and the ones that don?t. It?s a process and everyone goes through it differently.   Sometimes we need a little help, and a steady hand to know that really, it?s all gonna be ok.  Recreating your future can be daunting but it happens?one day at a time, no matter what.   Isn?t it better that you recreate a world that is better for you.

]]>http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/blog/two-year-anniversary/feed/ 2 http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/blog/if-youre-gonna-do-it-do-it-right/ http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/blog/if-youre-gonna-do-it-do-it-right/#comments Tue, 16 Jul 2013 17:32:15 +0000 Je4netteC http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/?p=1033 This is the number one mistake I see in DIY home decor.   People try to save money, try to take the easy way out and then they have to do it over again.

I was at a party recently and a lady was complaining to me about everything that went wrong with her kitchen remodel.  I explained to her that was why I had a job.  :  )   Then she went on to explain that she hated the kitchen color and wanted to repaint it.  I gave her the rate for my consultation and she said she would think about it.   I could see her wary about the cost because it didn?t fit into her mind to pay for  a service like that.    However, she has spent hours agonizing over paint chips, pouring over magazines, wondering how she could fix.  She could save herself hours of time and angst with a little consultation.

I preach this a lot because I see the angst it causes but last week I got caught up in my own mistake.  We had a wee death in the family.  The car died.   Now in LA, the car really is a part of the family and when it dies, all havoc breaks out because as you know??Nobody walks in LA? and a one car family for two busy people is very difficult.

My car had died back in February, and I just didn?t have time to shop.   Didn?t have time to do the homework, didn?t have time to get it checked out.   I bought a car from someone I though I could trust, didn?t check it out.  Took the easy out.  The easy out wasn?t so easy.   Had a TON of problems with the car, too numerous and tedious to mention here.  However, IF I had done the responsible thing and brought it to a mechanic to check out, I wouldn?t have bought it and it would have saved me MONTHS of angst.  I KNEW better, I have done it RIGHT before.  But I was tired and in a hurry and I made a bad decision.

This time, we took our time, sat in a ton of cars and made sure that I got the one that FIT me.  It fit how I need to use the car, it fit how my body fits in the car.  I don?t even have to make my normal ?aftermarket adjustments?.  AND friends, you will laugh but this is really important, it?s GOLD.  My last 5 cars have been non-colors ? white or silver.   Now you may ask, how does THE COLOR WHISPERER do that?  Well, some were used and it just was and some it really was the best color, the other colors were horrible.  So  my soul is rejoicing that I have a color and it?s one of ?my colors?. It looks like me, it feels like me.  I am soooo happy.

I was a little surprised about my selection but after seeing everything out there, it really was the best.  But the key is we took the time to educate ourselves on the choices.

We did our homework and the results were much better!  I implore you to do your homework, seek advice when you need it and get the best possible job done for your project.   Paying for a little advice often saves you time, money and angst in the long run.

I know it sure did for me.

]]>http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/blog/if-youre-gonna-do-it-do-it-right/feed/ 0 http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/blog/a-can-of-paint-can-change-your-life/ http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/blog/a-can-of-paint-can-change-your-life/#comments Sun, 07 Jul 2013 16:28:01 +0000 Je4netteC http://www.thecolorwhisperer.com/?p=1002

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