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The Celebrity Source has partnered with GolfStatus.org
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Dateline: Los Angeles, CA
Thursday, January 13, 2022


The Celebrity Source is thrilled to announce our new partnership with www.GolfStatus.org, the leading event management platform for golf fundraisers, to help connect charity golf tournament organizers with celebrities, athletes, influencers, and other public figures. The partnership provides event organizers planning charity golf outings and golf fundraisers with event management software to streamline the event from start to finish, while also attaching celebrity participation to help gain more visibility and funds raised for the event. What follows is a conversation between GolfStatus and The Celebrity Source President, Rita Tateel, about the value celebs can add to a golf event and cause.

Why A Celebrity Can Level Up Your Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Q: First off, what exactly do you mean when you say “celebrity”? 

A: Really, who is deemed a “celebrity” is defined by the audience. It’s not necessarily an actor or sports figure; it’s anyone in the public eye within their field or discipline. So it’s a very broad definition—anyone from a famous scientist, writer, or astronaut to a reality television star, football player, YouTube star, performer, or movie actor. 

Q: What does having a celebrity at a golf fundraiser bring to the event?

A: Everyone, whether they admit it or not, gets excited about meeting someone famous. There’s an excitement that a celebrity brings to an event that simply can’t be duplicated. Celebrities raise visibility, not only for the event itself, but for the cause it’s connected to. There’s also the credibility factor—people see that if a celebrity is participating, they assume the tournament must be worthwhile. You’re likely to see more press interested in covering the tournament (and you should definitely alert the media about the event) because a celebrity is attending, which means even more exposure for the sponsor, benefiting organization and/or cause. What’s more, a celebrity presence opens the door to new, lucrative sponsorships as well as attracting more teams with the option of charging a higher registration package price.

Q: What should an event organizer consider when determining whether or not to pursue having a celebrity participate in their golf fundraiser?

A: There are a number of questions organizers should ask themselves before going down this road. First and foremost, what do I hope to accomplish by having the celebrity there—media coverage? Credibility? Increased awareness? Higher income potential? Next, can I cover the standard expenses (or do I have a sponsor I know will cover the costs)? Third, what do I want a celebrity to do at my golf event and what are the highest priorities? Determining the “why” will help organizers decide if it’s something worthwhile to pursue.

Budget is perhaps the main consideration. If an event is hoping to secure a celebrity, expenses need to be covered, even if the celebrity isn’t being paid to attend. At a minimum, they’ll need to cover two first-class airfares, ground transportation to and from the airport to the event, first-class hotel accommodations, and a per diem to cover meals. Oftentimes these costs can be covered by a sponsor.

Q: How can organizers make the most out of having a celebrity attend their golf fundraiser?

A: Really think broadly about all of the ways a celebrity might be involved. It could be anything from a meet and greet on a specific hole of the golf course, emceeing or performing at the after party, or golfing with a specific sponsor’s foursome. It’s also key to have someone in charge of PR to get the most exposure possible for the celebrity’s participation and, in turn, for the nonprofit or charity. Organizers can solicit a volunteer or volunteers, pay a PR firm (or request pro bono services as part of a sponsorship or donation), or even reach out to PR students at a nearby college or university. And when marketing the event, include the celebrity’s participation everywhere possible—on the event website, promotional emails, social media posts, flyers, postcards, and the organization’s website.

Q: How do you help nonprofits find the right celebrity for a fundraising event like a golf tournament?

A: The Celebrity Source looks at a variety of factors that will get a celebrity to say “yes” to an event. For example, a personal association with a particular cause or the location of the event (e.g. near their hometown or favorite city), what perks/gifts are being offered for the celebrity’s participation, how passionate is the celebrity about golf and any obvious connections to the event. Being a golfer is usually a key factor, but keep in mind that there are different roles the celeb can play at the event so they don’t have to play golf to still be a good match. The audience’s demographic also needs to be taken into account—both who it is trying to attract to play in the event as well as sponsor it. Our process takes all these factors into account to find the best match.

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