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The Caring Generation® My Mother Refuses to Care for Herself
Pamela D. Wilson - Caregiver Subject Matter Expert Pamela D. Wilson - Caregiver Subject Matter Expert
Golden, CO
Sunday, June 6, 2021

My Mother Refuses to Take Care Of Herself
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Golden, Colorado – June 6, 2021

The Caring Generation® My Mother Refuses to Take Care of Herself

Golden CO - Caregiver subject matter expert Pamela D. Wilson hosts The Caring Generation® podcast show for caregivers and aging adults. This coming Wednesday, June 9, 2021, the topic is My Mother Refuses to Take Care for Herself.

Wilson releases a new show for The Caring Generation series every Wednesday. Featured are tips and conversations about aging, caregiving, family relationships, and health. Listeners receive information that can help plan for the future and avoid many common caregiving traps. The Caring Generation is available on Wilson's website and all major podcast and music apps.

Why Care Refusals May Not Be Care Refusals

On this week's show, Wilson discusses why care refusals by elderly parents can be related to a lack of understanding about the benefits of changing daily activities to support health. At the same time, aging parents can indeed become apathetic and in denial about changing health or abilities. Depression is undiagnosed in many elderly and can be confused with care refusals or a lack of willingness to participate in recommendations.

Conversations between children caregivers and aging parents that offer factual information with options can make a difference. Adult children working and raising their own families can pressure elderly parents to make decisions and lose patience when parents don't respond positively. Aging involves losing control over many aspects of life, especially health and physical abilities.

When health issues arise, preventing further declines can be managed or prevented by seeking education and being open-minded to exploring new routines. Caregivers and aging parents who are more willing to talk and understand each other's perspectives can resolve conflict about opposing beliefs and care refusals.  

Wilson's Experience as a Caregiver Expert Eases Conversations

Join Pamela D Wilson each week for insightful caregiving conversations on The Caring Generation. Watch videos on her YouTube Channel that respond directly to caregiver requests. The caregiver survey on Wilson's website offers caregivers and aging adults the opportunity to communicate directly with Wilson to provide feedback and topic requests for future shows and videos.

Wilson offers 1:1 eldercare consultations for caregivers and aging adults by telephone or online virtual visits. Her experience in the direct care of the elderly for more than 20 years offers rare insights that support caregiving and health concerns.

Information and Education Support Change

Care refusals and hesitancy may also result from a lack of information or trust in the healthcare system. Many doctors and providers do not address or identify the needs of caregivers or aging adults who may require more time and information before making decisions or lifestyle changes.

Instead of forcing change upon aging parents, offering parents information for consideration supports forward movement toward decision making. Elderly parents may not always agree with the wishes of adult children—nor should they if they have different beliefs. However, increased communication between caregivers and care receivers can result in greater acceptance and respect about choices made.  

Wilson works with family caregivers, groups, and corporations worldwide to educate about the role strain that caregivers experience, managing, and planning for health and aging issues. More about Wilson's online courses for elderly care, individual elder care consultations, caregiver support, webinars, and speaking engagements are on her website www.pameladwilson.com. Pamela may also be contacted at +1 303-810-1816 or through the Contact Me page on her website.


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Pamela D. Wilson, MS, BS/BA, CG, CSA is an international caregiver subject matter expert, advocate, and speaker. More than 20 years of experience as a direct service provider in the roles of a court-appointed guardian, power of attorney, and care manager led to programs supporting family caregivers and aging adults who want to be proactive about health, well-being, and caregiving. Wilson provides online and on-site education and caregiver support for caregivers, consumer groups, and corporations worldwide. She may be reached at +1 303-810-1816 or through her website.


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