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The Battle To Be America’s Next First Couple
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Superior, CO
Monday, October 29, 2012


Los Angeles, Calif. (October 29, 2012) –The most powerful romantic couple in the world is the United States of America's President and First Lady:  The First Couple.  More than any other twosome they are striking role models for what any couple's personal romantic relationship can or should be.  How they treat each other; how they live their personal lives publically, and even how they deal with tales of their love lives affects not just 140,000,000 fellow American couples, but many of the 100,000,000 singles who search for their perfect soul mate.

Twoology.com is the first Web site designed to help couples bring out the best in each other.  They just released what many have termed:  "The most controversial, revealing and hilarious videos ever produced about America's First Couple, Barack & Michelle Obama . . . and their political and romantic rivals:  Mitt & Ann Romney." 

These two videos (available only at:  www.Twoology.com) pit the Obamas against the Romneys in a framework wholly different than conventional political issues.  Viewers will instantly recognize that these videos bear a resemblance to television commercials created by Apple's Siri mobile phone app.  Yet, Siri is suddenly cast in its most unique relationship role to date:  personal relationship advisor and counselor to both presidential candidates and their wives.

Any couple (married or not) will instantly recognize that the videos' over-the-top satire still hits all too close to home and heart.  Every couple experiences their own version of how to resolve highly-charged personal relationship conflicts and opportunities.  These videos take a satirical look at what both couples are like when the cameras and reporters aren't around. 

What's at stake is not just who will be America's next president, but who will be our very public role model for the next four years.  Therefore, this time the public is asked to cast their politics aside and vote for which presidential couple is likely to have the most genuinely loving, authentic and romantic relationship. 

Voting is done easily right along side both videos at www.Twoology.com

The creator, writer and producer of these two videos is Jeff Ullman, the social relationship entrepreneur who helped more singles meet, date and marry than anyone else in the 20th Century.  Now, in the 21st Century, Jeff and his wife, business partner and fellow writer, Cindy Ullman, are creating the relationship tools and content to give millions of couples what they need to live, love, lust and like each other, happily ever after. 

The two videos exist right along side the first dozen (of 100+) 2-minute relationship quizzes, which deliver on their promise:  To help any and all couples bring out the best in each other.   Therefore, any couple who considers their relationship to be their most valuable personal asset, is likely to spend at least a few minutes looking into how these 2-minute relationship quizzes impact their own relationships.

Twoology's CEO, Jeff Ullman asks:  "Don't all couples deserve to fulfill their greatest expectations?  Shouldn't every couple know what to do after they say, I do?" Twoology's Chief Content Officer, Cindy Ullman, phrases it this way:  "It's a national tragedy that as many as 70% of all first marriages end in divorce or a life of chronic unhappiness with one's partner.  Even unmarried couples deserve better!"

The Obama and Romney videos are meant to take a harsh, hilarious look at what happens when a couple knows each other so intimately that they act upon just what emotional hot buttons to press to anger each other. As Jeff Ullman adds: "Cindy and I created Twoology to help couples' lives be happier, healthier and wealthier.  Twoology's deeper tools (to be released before Valentines Day) will put million dollar relationship tools and content into any couple's hands.  Every couple will have their very  own couples concierge -- their own personal relationship assistant -- who will be there 24/7 to help them be the most romantic, loving and fun partner they could possible expect!"  

The Obama and Romney videos serve as a powerful reminder that -- despite their leadership prowess –even wealthy politicians have to still tend to and nurture their relationship.

Just after voting for their favorite "First Couple" candidate, Twoology invites any and all lovers of romance and relationship happiness to come to their Facebook application page to take any number of 2-minute insightful relationship quizzes which allow them to identify their own relationship's sexual, communication, fun, intimacy and day-to-day compatibility and happiness.  Each 2-minute quiz lets each person compares their relationship scores to their mates, as well as, discover their own preferences as it relates to relationships.

Ullman has been in the business of initiating, developing, and saving relationships since 1975 when he founded video dating service "Great Expectations" in Los Angeles, where he helped more singles, meet, date and marry than anyone in the world..  He went on to become the executive producer of one of the very first reality television shows  "Love Connection" and then MTV's "Taildaters," and has worked on a host of other related shows and relationship publications.  In 2009, he and his wife and business partner, Cindy Ullman, began research and development on what couples can do after they meet so they can stay together "happily ever after".  In 2010 they created Twoology as the first global initiative to help couples maintain love and live happier.

The Ullman's have six children, four sons and two daughters; one of whom recently made Jeff and Cindy grandparents. The couple recently relocated from Manhattan Beach, California to Boulder, Colorado.

For more information, visit www.Twoology.com
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