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The 7 Plateaus of Peace
Susan Allan -- The Marriage Forum Susan Allan -- The Marriage Forum
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Santa Barbara, CA
Thursday, March 16, 2023


How to MANIFEST RAPIDLY and know that you are En Route to SUCCESS!

On the Spiritual Path, where the road signs and mile markers are invisible, it’s so easy to miss a turn, take a detour, or find ourselves at a dead end! My 57 trips to India to study with spiritual Gurus and my decades in business studying with sales gurus, taught me that we must develop our own inner GPS and check and recheck our route and measure it against our results or resistance.

This becomes very tricky because, on a right-brained visionary Spiritual Path, we often have decided to let go of left-brained practicality and grounding. There is one way to check that you are still on the path to success even if you’re going your own way.   The 7 Plateaus of Peace© is a training I developed many years ago for myself and I have been offering it to clients for 10 years so that they can calibrate their own traction on the road to the visionary and successful life they desire. Please enjoy and I look forward to all your questions and comments as I always do! Warmly, Susan  

Reach ALL “7 Plateaus of Peace” Faster 2023

Perhaps you need better sleep, or you need to make healthier food choices. You may need to find your Perfect Lifepartner or your Perfect Career Opportunity. Or you may have already accomplished each of those goals and now you need more speed to reach each new Goal faster using Goal-reaching© skills.  Learning about 7 Plateaus of Peace© allows you to see what you have already accomplished and what is next for you.  When we speak we will discuss the various tools and skills that move each of us from Plateau 1 to Plateau VII!   

Plateau I Wanting- When you WANT something; realize that for most people there is the stress of experiencing the space between having and wanting and this discordance prevents them from acquiring what/who/how much they desire. The state that occurs for them is fear, anger, and/or sadness. The Buddhist teacher, Adyashanti speaks about “The Gap in Wanting”, that brief period when everyone is free of wanting because they have just received “it”! In Phase I you cease the unconscious drift into Fear/anger and/or Sadness just because you WANT.

Plateau II- Wanting with Self-soothing Focusing on what you WANT no longer triggers negative emotions every time. You begin to be able to observe yourself on the verge of falling into a state of fear, anger, and/or sadness and you successfully utilize self-soothing to back away from the cliff.  Once you have mastered this awareness and at least one of the self-soothing skills, 7 of which can be learned during Coaching sessions, you begin to consciously move to WANTING and then to FOCUS and to DETERMINATION until you reach your desired outcome.

Plateau III-Focus and Action You leave behind the habit of “vacations of pain” that include Fear, Anger, and Sadness and you notice that you begin to manifest consciously with FAITH FOCUS or FAITHFUL FOCUS if you aren’t a religious person and you master effective communication including ACTION. At this Plateau, learning is faster and more pleasurable for you as you no longer feel frustrated, irritated, confused, etc. when you don’t immediately experience your desired result within days or even weeks. Consistent thinking and action is now your new normal. You begin to see yourself reaching your goals!  

Plateau IV Goal-reaching© skills -When you feel consistently peaceful due to your self-awareness and self-soothing skills, you learn and begin to use Goal-reaching© skills with successful results each and every week. Some weeks you will experience a result that is so large that it appears miraculous; some weeks you may notice a series of small consistent results that you have desired. Some weeks you reach small and large goals!

Plateau V Miracles- More and more, seemingly miraculous results continue to appear based on your mental and emotional discipline; your successful communication skills; and your competent action skills.  Every time you reach one of your Key Goals you create a new one/s and reach them. When you have a Goal that you haven’t reached within a few weeks you don’t give up you realize that you need to divide it into a series of Goals focusing on incremental stages.  

Plateau VI PEACE – You now live with the ability to self-soothe and you master your inner state before communicating. You focus on what you want; not on what isn’t your Goal. You create your life day by day!  

Plateau VII POWER- When you awaken in the morning you know you can handle whatever the day may bring. When you go to sleep at night you are using “Manifesting Rapidly” skills to create the next day. When you awaken early in the morning you are focusing on this new day you are creating and making wonderful!

This explains the 7 Plateaus; for a deep understanding of the tools and skills that you may want to learn and master to reach Plateau VII, please contact me. There are countless skills that include The 6 Part Conversation©, Heartspace® skills; Heartspace Dating skills; Heartspace Marital Mediation skills; The Sales Forum© Skills including The 6 Part Conversation for Sales©; The Divorce Forum® skills

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