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The 2020 Irwin Award Winners!- Industry Recognition of Writers In the News
Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters
Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, December 9, 2020

http://sarahfrankwrites.com/- her new book....and charles sherman reminding us about what matters
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From predictions to feet on the ground, the IRWIN Awards fete 12 new award winners!!!

Start visualizing what is next for your titles next year.  Looking forward to what might be announced next October.  The sky is the limit.

SCBP annual award ceremony 2020 was totally online, coping with the change we are all emerged in and warm, inspiring, and flaunting the talent hardwork and grooming can produce, support, and evoke to touch lives. Thank you Irwin and the Board.



And Here Are the IRWINners for 2020--


1.  B. Michael Antler

author, "Josephus: A Novel"

Best Historical Fiction


2.  Michael Bowker

author, "Gods of Our Time: A Paris Love Story"

Best International Novel of Year  


3.  Virginia Dale

author, "Rich White Americans"

Best Fiction of the Year


4.  Sarah Frank

author, "The One Chance Series"

Teen Author of the Year


5. Lori Golden

author, "My House of Lies"

Best Memoir of Year


6.   Bo Lebo

creative director, New Health Options

Publicist of the Year


7.  R.L. (Rick) Hann

author, "Executive Malice"

Best Mystery Novel of Year


8.  Robin Quinn

lead writer, editor: Quinn's Word for Word

Best Media Kit for Mark Kingston Levin's 30th Century Sci-Fi Trilogy


9.  David Ruggiero                      

author, "Say Goodbye and Good Night"

Most Romantic Book of Year


10.  Lon E. Varnadore

author,  "Junker Blues"

Best Science Fiction Series


11.  Sara Winokur

author, "Double-Blind: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders"

Best Mystery-Thriller of Year


12.  Ron Zayas

author, "Lessons from the Len Master"

Best Business Book of






Find out about each and everyone of these unique, talented and hardworking authors or teams......  more to follow.

Writers from throughout the U.S. participated in the awards on zoom.  Santa Barbara, we look forward to more city and country residents participating again next year.

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