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The 15 Unequivocal Laws of Sales
Jim Mathis, IPCS, CSP, CSJMT, MDiv. - The Reinvention PRO Jim Mathis, IPCS, CSP, CSJMT, MDiv. - The Reinvention PRO
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Orlando, FL
Friday, May 29, 2020


The Secret of Our Success is
Discovered in Our Daily Agenda! 

-Not based on culture, gender or age.

-Relate and apply to all communities (products, services, Speaking, etc.)

-Respected by great salespeople as sales laws.

-Stand the test of time (not dated or a fad)

  • 1. They can be learned.
  • 2. They stand alone.
  • 3. They carry consequences.
  • 4. These laws are the foundation of selling.

1. The Law of Security: You will sell in proportion to your level of insecurity. If you think “Nobody wants to buy from me,” guess what? Nobody will buy from you. 

2. The Law of Likeability: You sell yourself more than the product or service. People buy from people who add value to them. To add value to others you must first add value to yourself. 

3. The Law of Columbo: If I ask more questions I will sell more. The more questions, the more you find out, and the more you sell in their “sweet spot.”

4. The Law of Process: Sales develop daily; not in a day. Selling is a process, not an event. We overestimate the event and we underestimate the process.

5. The Law of WII-FM: Everybody listens to WII-FM: What's In It For Me? Benefits always beat features. The combination of those two is called VALUE. 

6. The Law of The Odds: The more prospects, the better the odds of making a sale. Increasing your contacts will increase your prospects, will increase your sales.

7. The Law of The Rosetta Stone: If you can’t speak the language the customer speaks, you’ll never make a connection, and you’ll never make the sale. 

8. The Law of The First Contact: Everyone likes to HELP someone. The object of the first visit is to get the second visit. 

9. The Law of Daddy: Find who gives permission. If the person buying has to get permission from Daddy to write the check, I want to speak with Daddy.

10. The Law of The Bundle: People see more value when you bundle in your everyday features as a perk. Just staying in touch with a buyer after the sale is a great positive.

11. The Law of Silence: Never quote fee on a first contact. After you quote the fee, the next person who talks is surrendering their advantage to the other.. 

12. The Law of The Purple Cow: If I do something that makes me stand out from the crowd, I’ll be noticed and sell more. Be unique in someone's life to connect better.

13. The Law of Chick-Fil-A: Your best prospects are happy, satisfied, loyal, key, frequent, existing clients. Get them to work for you. “Don’t worry about getting bigger. Get better and the customers will make us bigger.”

14. The Law of “Let’s Make a Deal:” People buy with their heart, not their head. Always be willing to negotiate in good.

15. The Law of The Secret Ingredient: Most people judge someone within the first four seconds. The more professional, authoritative and serious you look will speak volumes about your image. 

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