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Thanksgiving Inspiration
Sharrye Schlerf  ---  Gallery Books Press Sharrye Schlerf --- Gallery Books Press
Richmond, VA
Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

Suddenly the Holiday Season.

Marred by the pandemic like so much else and how-to be holidaying amid the austere New Normal.
Be cozy. Be inspired with our ebooks at Gallery Books Press with the "Journey Beyond Darkness" series by our publisher, Chaplain Sharrye Schlerf. http://ow.ly/cDXB30r8qvu 
What is of greatest concern amid these New Normal days.
Family. Community. Health. Religion. Education. Politics. Law & Order. Weather. Famine. Pandemic. The mared Holiday Season...means more inspiration than ever.
Is this The Great Awakening?  
Angstful at headline turbulence?
Discover Christian prophetic thrillers that study historical timeline.
Then find "Direction in an Age of Confusion" by Sharrye Schlerf, author, chaplain and publisher at Gallery Books Press.
An epic work, years in the making, Chaplain Schlerf has also created a new blog "The Prophet's Blog" as backgrounder insight relaying scripture parallels.  http://ow.ly/vujl30rka7V
Here's some thumbnail summaries of recent blogs.
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Your Vote. Our Heritage. Was the "I voted" sticker, this year's "Badge of Courage". How will our heritage uphold accountability and The Truth in 2021.
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The turbulence of our recent Election, explored our Voting heritage and Electoral process -- while presenting assorted Bible study paths for additional inspiration these days.  
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Has there been a detour from spiritual faith in America. Uncertain times. Marred Holidays. Maybe a good time for Prayer Petitions. 
blog 27 theme  
Is this the Great American Awakening?  Or Churches silently rising to challenge "Separation" issues. This blog edition also features suggested Bible study with the Book of Jeremiah.
Check out prior blogs: http://ow.ly/VBq330rcrZV      
Stay connected these days.  Meet us online at our assorted social pages.
From our place to your special place in the heart, our best wishes for a grateful Happy Thanksgiving.
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Dateline: Williamsburg, VA United States
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