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Texas UPS Worker Defrauds Houston Storm Victim

Maudesta Hollins

When an Ice Storm of epic proportions hit Texas and most of the Southwest in February, millions of people were left without, power, water, heat and, other basic necessities. 

It was during this storm my old friend Tricia Jenkins reached out to me asking for help. Apparently, the place she was staying at had its pipes frozen over and part of the ceiling collapsed causing the home to become inhabitable. 

I offered to loan her some money but told her I would have to send it through Venmo. It turned out she didn't have a Venmo account, but a friend of hers Maudesta Hollins did, so she asked if I would send the money Maudesta and I agreed.  

Maudesta, who has been employed by the United Parcel Service as a Hazardous Acceptance Auditor for almost 24 years never gave Tricia the money, and in fact, told her that she was keeping it because a friend of Tricia's owed her money. 

When I told Maudesta via Venmo and Phone Chat that the money was to go to Tricia, and not to pay someone else's debt and to return the funds to me she never responded, and essentially blew me off! 

Maudesta's actions constitute Fraud, Unjust Enrichment and Theft of Funds. I'm surprised UPS would have an employee working for them in a position of trust and responsibility who is dishonest and unethical.  

As they say, A Good Deed Never Goes Unpunished. While I can absorb the loss, the real victim was my friend Tricia who smuggled for days to get back on her feet.  




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