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Technical Training is More Valuable Than Baseball
Jim Jenkins - Applied Technology Institute Jim Jenkins - Applied Technology Institute
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Annapolis, MD
Monday, May 29, 2023


I love Statistics.  So, lets look at a few amazing statistics.

As of the writing of this blog, The Baltimore Orioles have a winning percentage of .642 and are only 4 games out of the lead in the American League East.  Wow, that is amazing, and we are all proud of our team, but that really has nothing to do with technical training; I just had to brag a bit.

I found some equally amazing statistics about Technical Training in a blog by Lorman Educational Services, a training company that offers some great training opportunities, but are not a competitor of ATI as they do not offer the kind of Technical Training that ATI does.  Regardless, I found some spectacular statistics in their blog.  Here are just a few of the stats that they shared.  The full list can be found here.

  • Nearly 59% of employees claim they had no workplace training and that most of their skills were self-taught.
  • 74% of workers are willing to learn new skills or re-train in order to remain employable.
  • 87% of millennials believe learning and development in the workplace is important.
  • 59% of millennials claim development opportunities are extremely important when deciding whether to apply for a position.
  • Only 29% of employees are “very satisfied” with their current career advancement opportunities available within their organization.
  • 34% of employees are very satisfied with their job-specific training even though 41% of them consider it to be very important.
  • 74% of surveyed employees feel they aren’t reaching full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities.
  • 41% of employees consider their organization’s career advancement opportunities a very important factor to their job satisfaction.
  • 76% of millennials believe professional development opportunities are one of the most important aspects of company culture.
  • 76% of employees say that a company would be more appealing if it offered additional skills training to its staff.
  • 59% of employees invest in their own upskilling, to a certain extent.
  • 61% of adults in the United States seek career development opportunities when considering job opportunities.
  • 70% of employees would be somewhat likely to leave their current job to work for an organization known for investing in employee development and learning.
  • 34% of employees who left their previous job were motivated to do so by more career development opportunities.
  • 86% of millennials would be kept from leaving their current position if training and development were offered by their employer.
  • Over 70% of high-retention-risk employees will leave their company in order to advance their career.
  • Retention rates rise 30-50% for companies with strong learning cultures.

These statistics make a pretty strong case for technical training.  It is worth noting that these statistics indicate that the benefits of training are felt by the employee, the management, and the company itself.  A quality training program improves the morale and productivity of the employee, makes the employee more professionally satisfied with their job, helps job retention, improves the quality of the product that the company produces, and saves the company money.  Technical Training is a winning proposition for everyone.  Applied Technology Institute is here to provide Technical Training for your scientists and engineers.

If you are a scientist or engineer:

  • Take a look at the ATI web page ( www.aticourses.com ) and see if any of our courses might help you to do your job better.  If you find good courses, ask to take them!
  • Share our web page with your peers, and encourage them to take a look.
  • Talk to your management, and express your desire to become better trained.

If you are an employer of scientists and engineers:

  • Take a look at the ATI web page ( www.aticourses.com ) and see if any of our courses might help your staff to do their job better
  • Share our web page with your scientists and engineers, and encourage them to keep current in their fields.
  • Call ATI, and see if you may want us to present a custom course to your staff.
  • Whether you decide to use ATI or not, stress the importance of technical training to your staff.

As happy as I am about the Orioles winning record, I am also a realist, and I know that they could start losing at any time.  Even if the Orioles end the 2023 season with a World Series victory, the 2024 season could turn out to be a bust.  While Sports and Sports Teams can be fickle, technical training is not.  You can be assured that technical training will benefit you and your staff today, tomorrow, and throughout the all the upcoming baseball seasons.

About Applied Technology Institute (ATIcourses or ATI)

ATIcourses is a national leader in professional development seminars in the technical areas of space, communications, defense, sonar, radar, engineering, and signal processing. Since 1984, ATIcourses has presented leading-edge technical training to defense and NASA facilities, as well as DOD and aerospace contractors. ATI’s programs create a clear understanding of the fundamental principles and a working knowledge of current technology and applications. ATI offers customized on-site training at your facility anywhere in the United States, as well as internationally, and over 200 annual public courses in dozens of locations. ATI is proud to have world-class experts instructing courses. For more information, call 410-956-8805 or 1-888-501-2100 (toll free), or visit them on the web at www.ATIcourses.com.

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