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Sylvester Stallone leads in Rebel-The Director's Cut Screens at the Lumiere October 21st 9pm this Saturday
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Los Angeles, CA
Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Rebel points us towards finding a workable path to peace and viable resolution
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October 21stRebel- The Director's Cut -a Movicorp classic feature will screen at 9pm at the Lumiere at the Music Hall at 9pm this weekend in Beverly Hills.

Remastered and offered as a timely and every pleasing reflection on war and history, it vets the actions and reactions people undertook during the '70's to make life more meaningful.   You can revive or discover a moment when someone and a generation chose the "Road less travelled" to find purpose in a violent and chaotic world.

People are hurt or hurt others, communication falters, the Truth seems elusive, and best wishes go astray, but the New York scene, the jeans and panchos, and the rebel against the machine character reflects the antihero in all of us and the question of our time.

Alive or not, during the Vietnam War era,  or this will be your first viewing, the feature continued to screen overseas until this season it was remastered to return to American Screens.  Today, 30 years after its first release, you will find still find the subject, story and characters ever authentic, memorable, and capable of evoking pathos.

So do not miss an opportunity to bring friends and family Saturday night to return to the past  to wonder about our shared future. 

You are invited by Robert Schnitzer the Director, co-writer, and producer, when he spoke at the Premiere's prescreening Q&A to risk your heart and see what touches and moves you. 

MC'd by Kathy Close, VP of Production for Oasis TV and Movicorp at the Rebel Premiere paraphrased her Schnitzer here "The most of important of all causes of our time, is world peace."

The nonprofit designated Premiere donations is World beyond war.org and MacGregor Reddy represented California and the national organization and its projects, initiatives, and mission as global charity worthy of donations year-round. Their website has tools, insights, facts and opportunity resources to transform the acceptability of war as an unsustainable and deadly status quo.

As a vintage antiwar, romantic thriller starring a young Sylvester Stallone, it return  through Movicorp at the Lumiere Cinema at the Music Hall Saturday night for its final  screening.  RSVP and reserve your tickets ahead and bring several friends. There is never a better moment than now to consider global peace through the mirror of Stallone's decisions and characters, choices, and stories of the cast.

While we are witnessing once again history in the making and the world on edge-what a time to reflect on the future we want to create.  The Lumiere screens the film at the Music Hall Theatre on 9036 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. A classic, Rebel returns with a message for everyone... especially new generations, voters, adversaries and the part of ourselves that is at war within.

With your help Movicorp is finding its new audience and Movicorp is showing Rebel every Saturday night for this Limited Engagement on Saturdays as part of its ongoing streaming release plan. It will be adding new content from the Premiere Q&A with Hostess Kathy Close drawing out the purpose of the film from Mr. Schnitzer, the cast members and viewers who filled the Music Hall it will include the color and culture of a another Hollywood Tradition, mentoring fans, writers, future actors, and future creatives.  Get your seats booked online asap.

For more information, you can call 310-274-6860 or look on the Lumiere's website at www.LumiereCinemaLA.com to purchase your seat. Click at the url below.



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Dedicated to Movicorp, the families, brothers, sisters, comrades, survivors, activists, hostages, and children who will make a world of difference and write our contemporary history.

We breath, dream, grieve, hope and pray with you.

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