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Success in the Home – Lord I want to get married?
Donny Ingram Donny Ingram
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Dateline: Birmingham , AL
Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Living a Christian life should begin early in our childhood from the leadership and examples of parents, but we know not everyone is given this opportunity.  Therefore, we are going to start with the marriage relationship.  Marriage is the basis for the home and this is where success should begin to be formed in us from an early age.  The first explanation of the husband-wife relationship is found in the first book of the Bible – Genesis chapter 2 verse 24, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”  Marriage is every young lady’s dream, every man’s desire and God’s plan for a man and woman.

(Donny) I remember how much I wanted to be married when I was just a young boy.  I remember praying for God to provide me a great wife and allow us to have sons.  I wanted to be married so bad that every woman I dated was a potential candidate for marriage.  I had no interest in casual dating, I wanted a life partner.  God finally sent the woman He had prepared for me.  And for the past 39 years I’ve thanked Him daily for the wonderful wife I believe He prepared just for me.  Now we know that many people may not believe that God designs just one person for them and that may be true but Charlotte and I do believe if two people with the same commitment and desire fall in love they will be the perfect mate for each other and God will bless their marriage.

Most young men and women, at a certain age, begin to long for someone with whom they can share their life.  When we think we’ve found that special someone there is something inside we call the “in-love” sensation that greatly influences our ability to see clearly and make decisions wisely.  This “in-love” sensation blinds us to many issues that should be discussed and ironed out before getting too far into the relationship.  Now, don’t think that I’m saying this “in-love” sensation is wrong because it’s not.  I believe it is great and God given.  But, after the wedding these issues which can be extremely important factors in the relationship, make it particularly difficult to have a successful marriage.

Most couples return from the honeymoon madly in love and eager for a successful life together.  It continues that way until they experience their first emotional conflict or clash of wills.  Usually the first argument or lover’s quarrel isn’t fatal, but most of the time it can leave a slight scar on the relationship.

Do you have any scars from emotional conflicts or clash of wills?

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