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Strong Economy Creates Long-Term Growth Opportunities for Smart Businesses
Linda Popky - Leverage2Market Associates, Inc. Linda Popky - Leverage2Market Associates, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
Friday, June 1, 2018


June 1, 2018


The SAC® Release


Strong Economy Creates Long-Term Growth Opportunities for Smart Businesses


CLAREMONT, CA—The current strong economy offers opportunities for savvy organizations to strengthen their competitive positions, according to The Society for the Advancement of Consulting® (SAC).


Marketing From A Position of Strength

Marketing while business is good may seem counterintuitive according to Linda Popky, president of Redwood Shores, CA-based strategic marketing firm Leverage2Market Associates, and author of the book Marketing Above the Noise: Achieve Strategic Advantage with Marketing That Matters, but it's often the best way  to be heard above the noise.

"People love to be associated with a winner. When business is good, it's an opportune time to let new and existing customers know this, as well as to share plans for other ways you can help their business," she said. "Don't presume everyone knows who you are and why they should do business with you. It's up to you to leverage  a strong position to build greater success in the future."


Growth Mindset Leads to A Review of Top Talent

Dr. Maynard Brusman, a consulting psychologist, executive coach and emotional intelligence/mindful leadership consultant notes, "I've observed a high level of excitement and optimism with my C-level trusted executive advisor clients as they tap into a growth mindset to hire more workers and future leaders. Many CEOs are reconsidering their policies on retirement and retaining valued older workers, perhaps on lighter work schedules."

According to Dr. Brusman, "Hiring managers are often having a difficult time recruiting the best people because there is so much competition for top talent. A collaborative company culture where people can realize their aspirations and make a maximum contribution is key to attracting high energy and intrinsically motivated people."

Dr. Brusman advises his clients, "It is critical to select people that are both technically competent and interpersonally savvy. Younger workers, in particular, want flexibility, work-life integration, in-the-moment feedback, and regular coaching to advance their careers."


Scale Your Systems To Match Your Growth

"I've seen many of my clients benefiting from today's economy," says Praveen Puri, expert in Strategic Simplicity® who helps clients leverage technology into profits and productivity.

"However, I remind them that it's critical for them to review their systems and procedures.  Fast growing companies need streamlined, robust processes that allow them to scale, while still providing excellent customer service."


Trademark Applications Rise With a Strong Economy

"Trademark application filings generally mirror the economy as a whole; when businesses are growing and investing in the future, we see filing rates at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office increase," says attorney Erik Pelton of Erik M. Pelton & Associates in Falls Church, Virginia.

According to Pelton, filings at the USPTO have risen at rising rates for each of the last few years, and he sees the trend continuing in 2018. "Our clients, both big and small, are investing in growth, as well as new products and services with new brand names and logos," he says.

Pelton counsels his clients when launching new offerings, to ensure to take the proper steps to protect intellectual property rights, thus strengthening their valuable assets and increasing their value.


Customer Experience is Critical Throughout the Supply Chain

"Manufacturers and distributors are booming," points out Lisa Anderson, known as The Manufacturing Business TransformerSM president of LMA Consulting Group, Inc, Claremont, CA, and co-executive director of SAC.  "In today's Amazonian marketplace, the customer experience is paramount! Providing a value-add experience, rapid deliveries, 24/7 accessibility, and easy returns are essential.  To succeed in this environment, manufacturers and distributors are locating closer to their customers – and it is paying off.

"Keep the customer experience, customization, and agility in mind. Check your supply chain partners to ensure your end-to-end supply chain will support rapid growth in a scalable, profitable way.  Get on top of the appropriate technology to support these objectives, and keep top talent top of mind. Success will follow, " she notes.


Now's the Time for Unexpected Value

"Somewhere around 90% of my corporate clients and 75% of my entrepreneurial clients are experiencing strong growth in this economy," said SAC Founder Alan Weiss, PhD. "It's not uncommon to hear 'this is our best year ever.' Today, businesses are playing with 'house money,' meaning greater profits than anticipated.

"It's time to improve the corporate infrastructure, invest in talent, upgrade technology, and explore new products and services. More than anything, however, it's time to provide unexpected value to those clients who created these boom times for you. You'll need them when these times are over," he adds.


About SAC

The Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC) is an international association of consulting professionals who subscribe to an industry code of ethics and have provided evidence of significant consulting results among their clients. For more information, please go to http://www.consultingsociety.com, write to info@consultingsociety.com or  call 909-630-3943.

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