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Sputnik International talks to Mark Dankof about Trump’s COVID-19 and the Implications in 2020
Mark Dankof's America Mark Dankof's America
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: San Antonio, TX
Saturday, October 3, 2020


Sputnik International: “With today’s announcement of President and Mrs. Trump contracting the COVID-19 virus, we’re wondering to what extent this will influence his re-election campaign and to what extent this will lead to further chaos in Trump’s reelection bid. What about the mainstream media narrative around this?

Mark Dankof: “The diagnosis of Trump with COVID-19 has given CNN and other MSM outlets a good case of histrionics being heightened to assist the Biden candidacy by ignoring the latter’s dementia and political vulnerabilities.

CNN actually had the audacity to post that this was an unprecedented crisis in the health of a Chief Executive of the United States. This brand of ignorance ignores the Ike Eisenhower heart attack in 1955, and the shooting of President Reagan by Jon Hinckley. Both men recovered.

Prediction: Trump will recover. When he does, he will harp on the fact that at 73, he recovered his health as 99%+ Americans have who contracted the virus, and emphasize that only 10,000 deaths due to COVID-19 are due to the virus alone, as opposed to deaths of the extremely elderly and those already impacted by 2-3 life threatening conditions before contracting the virus. He will then go on the attack on the COVID-19 Shutdown as an attempt to destroy the economy as a means of destroying the Trump Presidency.

The bad news is this: The American nation has a political, economic, moral, and spiritual virus far more dangerous than COVID-19. It will not be cured by either another term for Trump or the election of Biden.

The symptoms include the Fed’s fiat money destroying the American dollar through fueling the printing press and long term inflation; the overextension of the American military abroad; Israel’s control of American foreign policy and direction of the Empire’s discretionary wars; an escalating national debt; trillion dollar yearly budget deficits; and an American culture descending into the hell of urban crime, racial unrest, and a Cultural Marxism underscored by Roe v Wade, Obergefell v Hodges, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the proliferation of an increasingly militant LGBTQ industry. The American Empire is on a respirator. Unlike Mr. Trump, it will not recover.

Three articles will underscore this truth. Sputnik readers will be interested in my own essay of some years ago entitled, “Why We’re Finished.” The second piece is authored recently by John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute and entitled, “The Election Has Already Been Hijacked and the Winner Decided. ‘We the People’ Lose.” The third essay is authored by Pedro Gonzalez, entitled “MAGA, Inc.

So I believe Mr. Trump will recover from COVID-19. He may well get re-elected. Whether he does or not becomes irrelevant to the ultimate demise of the American Experiment since 1776.

(Mark Dankof on RBN Live on October 2nd before the Sputnik International interview on the same day.)

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