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Sponsored Post: How to grow your list through Facebook without paying for ads?
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Dateline: Tempe, AZ
Monday, June 11, 2018


By Jim Koch, Senior Vice President of MOBIT

How can you get more leads from stage or when you’re not even speaking? Growing your number of Facebook followers is good. Growing a direct marketing list from a social media channel is even better. But solely focusing on building an email list is a strategy as old as Y2K. Remember that? Ha! So, should you still do it?


However, if you’re seeking the highest level of engagement you will have to consider a new way of communicating—a list that will have the most impact. Unfortunately, engagement levels of email marketing has declined to uninspiring levels. In 2018 all the engagement is happening through mobile messaging.

Most phones look something like this

On top of that, 93 percent of all Facebook traffic is on mobile devices. So how do you build a list of mobile users in 2018? By using Facebook and mobile messaging, of course.

Here is an example of an author, influencer, speaker, and coach capturing new leads and directing communicating with her followers: Once they are on her mobile list she can nurture and engage these prospects with a 98 percent open rate. That is simply the highest open rate and is unbeatable by any other form of communication.

Take a look

1)   Offer something helpful and interesting to your followers. Just have them text a short word to a short number. In this case, ORGANIZE to 72000.

2)   Make your offer easily accessible and immediately redeemable on their mobile device. They are greeted with your branding and the call to action to reply YES for your free gift and future communications. In doing so you can capture their permission for mobile re-marketing (an important part).

Then users get a unique link auto-generated and sent back to them directing them to a mobile page where they fill out the form to complete the process to get your free gift. This way you get their mobile opt in and their email opt in. You can include a short video too, whatever you’d like to encourage them to complete the form. If they don’t fill out the form right away they might get gentle auto text reminders to encourage them, i.e. “Don’t miss out! This is your last chance to get my free offer,” etc.

3)  Finally, the follow up nurture automatically begins just days later with an offer to engage them to dive deeper into your content for an unbelievable discounted offer to drive revenue for your business. In this case, a short video invite to join your online course.

This automated mobile messaging campaign achieved a 76 percent conversion rate on the form and provided the ability to connect directly, automatically, and regularly with the list mobile followers. A huge win! Best of all, you can do it too!

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