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SpeakerHub Latest Website Update
Andras Baneth -- SpeakerHub.com Andras Baneth -- SpeakerHub.com
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Brussels,
Monday, May 20, 2024


In our continuous effort to enhance the user experience and streamline the process for speakers and event organizers, SpeakerHub is excited to announce the latest updates and features below. These updates aim to provide more transparency, flexibility, and efficiency in managing speaker engagements. 

Outbox Functionality

One of the latest additions to SpeakerHub is the "Outbox" functionality. This feature empowers admins by allowing them to access messages previously sent to individuals on the waiting list, specifically focusing on recently declined applicants and subsequently requested additional details. 

The Outbox serves as a repository for these sent messages, providing administrators with easy access to past communication. Notably, this functionality applies exclusively to new declines and messages, ensuring efficient communication management.

Free Availability Option

Recognizing the diversity of speakers and their willingness to contribute to events, SpeakerHub now offers a "Free Availability" option alongside the existing pricing model. 

This new feature presents an alternative to the traditional "ask for pricing" approach, catering specifically to speakers who are willing to offer their services at no charge. By incorporating this option, SpeakerHub aims to foster inclusivity and accessibility, enabling organizers to connect with speakers based on their availability and expertise, irrespective of financial considerations.

Dashboard Enhancements

To provide agency administrators with comprehensive insights and improved data accessibility, SpeakerHub introduces two significant enhancements to the dashboard:

a. Number of New Speakers:

Administrators can now track the influx of new speakers within a specified time frame. By selecting a specific start date, such as November 2023, administrators can view the number of speakers who joined since that period. This feature enables better monitoring of platform growth and facilitates strategic decision-making regarding speaker recruitment and engagement.

b. Date Range Selector:

The dashboard now includes a Date Range Selector, empowering admins to customize their data analysis. With this functionality, administrators can choose any start and end date and instantly access relevant data points, such as the number of new speakers during the selected period. This flexibility enhances data visualization and enables administrators to derive actionable insights tailored to their specific needs and objectives.


These latest updates and features reflect SpeakerHub's commitment to innovation and user-centric design. SpeakerHub aims to optimize the platform's functionality, foster greater transparency, and empower administrators to manage speaker engagements effectively. 

We look forward to continuing our journey of improvement and serving as a valuable resource for speakers and event organizers alike. Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to enhance the SpeakerHub experience.

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