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Solid Book Reviews for ‘Round the World & Across Russia’ from a Wide-Ranging Audience Offers Insight and Info

Santa Monica Airport, July 2, 1992

Thousand Oaks, CA—Eight weeks after the release of Michael B. Butler's new book, Round the World & Across Russia in 21 Days, 30 Years Later: 12 Planes & 22 Aviators Thru 11 Countries When the Soviet Union Fell & Russia Returned, and a spate of good reviews have popped on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Since the book largely takes place in Russia of July 1992, as the brave aviators from Helsinki to Moscow and then across Siberia, it offers a look at a country that is now extremely different. The summer of 1992 was indeed a watershed time in world history.

Here is a selection of those reviews posted on Amazon

History and Adventure

What a tale the author had to tell!! Taking place right after the Soviet Union fell apart, in July 1992, a group of accomplished men and women, all fine pilots, took off from Santa Monica Airport on July 4, 1992 and became the first private group to go around the world and cross all of Russia to the very tip of the Pacific Coast at Anadyr, that is incredible.

The complicated aviation adventure, sometimes involving 40 or more people, chronicled in 'Round the World & Across Russia in 21 Days, 30 Years Later,' is amazingly detailed and full of dramatic and wide-ranging history. Nothing is left out of this impressive publication as the author sought to keep the reader in the minds and cockpits of the many participants, so many great details of flying over the North Atlantic and into Greenland, landing at a grass airfield in Moscow, touring Star City's Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center… and then into the dangerous airspace of Siberia.

The 7 primary and 5 smaller pilot journals tell the story while the author, who documented the event, used the 25 hours of videotape to fill in so many long forgotten stories and scenes. Rarely can one find such a detailed account of such a wide ranging story.

Scores of pictures, maps and exhibits enhance the story as 30 years of historical context are carefully explained—we live in a different world than anyone expected during the summer of 1992. Fantastic story, especially in light of our world in 2024.

Robert Cecil

Nothing Close to This will Happen Again

I remember when the Cold War ended, but there is so much we forget about how we felt and thought when it all changed. Early on the author, who documented the trip, details the events which led to the final Soviet collapse, lots of that I never knew, or cared about for that matter. But what I found interesting was how the author transmitted, throughout the whole book, that feeling of hope from July 1992; when it seemed it might be possible for a new understanding. Sadly, we know that never happened.

Beyond that, it is a story about flying around the world across Russia, which is fun and stressful, adventurous and dangerous, wonderful and crazy. Amidst all the different events, from so many different perspectives in the pilot journals, there is also interesting observations, funny stories, near disasters, long hours of flying, beautiful scenery, depressing cities and so much more.

Well worth the price of admission!

Kathy G.

This is an Important Book in Our Current World

There is no doubt about, because of what is going on with Russia, Ukraine and beyond, that Michael Butler's book about Russia in 1991 and 1992 is important. People forget how the Soviet Union ended and all the sacrifice the West poured into making the demise come about. I lived through the Cold War and the author, who documented this unlikely aviation adventure as a non-pilot, captures the tenor of the time and what this group of adventurous pilots saw, felt and experienced from Moscow all the way across Siberia. We must understand Russia of the past to know what they might do now!

Kind of hard to believe they successfully flew around the world across Russia with no major problems, amazing really. Flying into Greenland was interesting. When they were in Moscow, guests of the highest officials in the land, the group was over 40 people and they saw things the average tourists were not privy too in July 1992, only seven months after the Soviets gave up the fight.

The author also extrapolates history by recounting what they saw then, what then happened 10 year later, and then 30 years later, plus he went back to Russia in 2003 and spent a month in St. Petersburg.

Danny Quintana, Author of 'Space and Ocean Exploration as the Alternative to WWIII

It is a fun, informative read and, among many trailblazers, features a brave female pilot

As a history enthusiast, I was thrilled to delve into Round the World & Adventure; Across Russia in 21 Days, 30 Years Later. It offered a wealth of historical events that were new to me, all experienced through the eyes of these daring adventurers.

I enjoyed all the pilot journals, especially one of the leading ones, written by a woman. Dawn Bartsch is a true aviation pioneer and a legend in the Yukon and Canada.  She was inducted into various regional aviation halls of fame. While working for an airline, she hired a pilot, Gordon, who would later become her husband. Also, her partner on the World Flight, Gordon, and Dawn's experience proved invaluable in difficult circumstances over Greenland and deep in Siberia.

As an educator, I firmly believe that gaining a deeper understanding of history is invaluable. And what better way to do so than through the firsthand accounts of these intrepid adventurers? This book is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration.

Leslie B., Educator

Currently available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in audio book from Google Play, the author, who also documented the event, constructed the book using 7 major pilot journals, 5 ancillary journals, 25 hours of video tape, interviews and what he recalled. Details and color slide shows can be found at www.MichaelButlerBooks.com.

Official Round the World & Across Russia in 21 Days Book Trailer

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