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Single Mom Proves Women Can Confidently Follow Their Dreams - Publishes Anthology Book to Share Her Story With Thousands
Heart Centered Women Publishing Heart Centered Women Publishing
Charleston, SC
Saturday, October 31, 2015

Single Mom Proves Women Can Confidently Follow Their Dreams

Mom Charlotte Howard has just published her new book, Success In Beauty: The Secrets To Confidently Following Your Dreams Effortlessly.


Charlotte's book shares step by step strategies on how women can make their dreams a beautiful reality.

As a single mom of four beautiful children, she realized that women wear many different hats. Women can be mothers, wives, sisters and grandmothers to those around them. With a huge amount of responsibility constantly hanging over their heads, women often forget to follow their own dreams and goals, explains beauty transformational life coach and author Charlotte Howard.

She has now revolutionized a new way of living as a mom and woman entrepreneur, after leaving corporate america working as a beauty salon hairstylist, educator and manager being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome back in 2000. She is building multiple worldwide businesses dedicated to transforming the lives of women everywhere.

With her Heart Centered Women Publishing, TV and Media companies producing over 46 International Best Selling Books Charlotte has already empowered thousands of women through her mentoring and coaching platforms.

"Most women work all their lives nuturing everyone else and is often overlooked by all they do," explains beauty transformational life coach and author Charlotte Howard. I want to change that!!

"I came from a family where I did not have much. I believed in hard work and still do!! My parents drilled my siblings and I to finish high school, go to college and get a job. We did it!!

However, I still wasn't able to live the life of my dreams until ten years later because I nutured so much to everyone and forgot about me.

"Today, I reflect upon the blessings to discover a brand new way of empowering and inspiring women to create a life they love with confidence. I'm on a mission to share exactly what I know with women all over the world."


About Charlotte Howard

Charlotte Howard is a world renowned beauty salon marketing expert, author and eCommerce leader. She trains and "MENTORS" families worldwide on how to create FULFILLMENT and HAPPINESS in their lives. As an elite 46x's international best selling publisher and award-winning hair artist, she uses inner and outer grandeur beauty strategies as a foundation for empowering families to create success in all areas of their lives.

She has interviewed, mentored and coached some of the most extraordinary thought leaders in the industry, including Emmy Award-Winning Hair Stylists, Celebrity Fashion Stylists, Award-Winning Makeup Artists, Essence, Sophisticates Black Hair, Vogue, Modern Salon, Salon Today and Oprah's magazine editorial experts.

Charlotte has been featured on ABC News 4, Live 5 News and many other media outlets throughout the U.S and abroad. Her authentic work has been graced by communities, small business clients and multimillion dollar corporations worldwide.

She is the founder of Hair Artist Association, LLC, Heart Centered Women Publishing and Charlotte Howard Consulting,LLC. She has created mentorship programs, platforms and systems exclusively to empower families to create fulfillment and happiness in their lives while confidently following their dreams such as "Beaut Lifestyle® Women's Retreats," and "Success And Beauty Talk Radio Show®," which have inspired over 100,000+ families, women and experts worldwide.

She is also a professional speaker and trainer, mainly live events, such as her signature Success In Beauty® Transformation Seminar, Beauty Salon Business Breakthrough® Mastery Seminar, Feminine Ecommerce Money® Mastery Seminar and Publish Your Way To Wealth Breakthrough® Mastery Retreat! Contact her today to Claim your FREE "Create This Not That" membership guaranteed to help you enhance yourself, life and business.



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