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Sing your way to the polls_get ready, get set and vote
Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters
Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Register and Vote- Take your Part
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It is time to vote… Election 2022… find out where, how and when now.


Start by checking your registration or finding out who will help you to register in time to vote- get active, analyze the issues, get the facts, get registered and express yourself…It is worth it.

Start at your public library.  Look up the issues.  Take time to read the initiatives and about the candidates. 

Check if your registration is correct and active.

Find out the types of voting offered.

Do the research and find out trustworthy sources for information.

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in and guard or guide our Democracy.  Your vote matters.


Each jurisdiction is different, but it is easier than ever to check if you are active and your listing is correct to find your polling station or get a ride to the polls or help with getting ADA needs met or with comprehending  the measures, candidates, and  the issues.  You can do this with web support from credible sources.  Find out about the methods, the resources, and the date and time to vote. The founding fathers, the bill of rights, our constitution, and our traditions have protected and granted us the right, now vote and do not be burdened or bullied.

 Ask for help.  Ask for a ballot in your language. Get a ride with a friend.

LA County Registrar of Voters:

West LA Branches (lavote.gov)

Find My Election Information V2 (lavote.gov)

How To Vote by Mail (lavote.gov)

Current & Upcoming Elections (lavote.gov)

West LA Branches (lavote.gov)

League of Women Voters from LA to LA…get informed:

LWV Greater Los Angeles

League of Women Voters of Louisiana – Just another WordPress site (lwvofla.org)


Hamilton :  Singing it is essential to achieve our potential, use your voice…

Ham for progress…laugh, get informed, follow the steps to take part-

(33) The Election of 2022 - YouTube

VIDEO: HAMILTON Encourages People to Vote in 'The Election of 2022' (broadwayworld.com)

Music makes the options more memorable and sweeter that you are ready to vote, informed and able to help others get to the polls once you are registered to vote.  Make your plans today.

Great music to great history…..Do not miss your shot, our future is in your hands. Call friends, get help, get prepared, get out and vote, volunteer, be a poll worker….play a huge part in the direction of our Democracy … get ready, get set, and be there to express yourself.


For more information about Voting through out our history, take a civics class or look at this historical link on Wikipedia

Voting rights in the United States - Wikipedia





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