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Show idea- Intuitivesolutionshk.com. Holly Kimmel Brooks, Intuitive Psychic, Spiritual life coach & Life Skills teacher.
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Show idea- Intuitivesolutionshk.com. Holly Kimmel Brooks, Intuitive Psychic, Spiritual life coach & Life Skills teacher.


I am Holly Kimmel Brooks an Intuitive Psychic, Spiritual Life Coach & Life Skills teacher. I have been doing this for 30 years. I had my first psychic experience at age 5. I was the "go to girl" in college for anyone who had a problem. I would brew them a cup of Ginseng tea (popular in the 70's)- from that to working every psychic hotline starting with Dionne Warwick's "Psychic Friends Network' I started my first business in 2005, Centerpointe.biz, to Intuitivesolutions.rocks, rebranded as Intuitivesolutionshk.com.


Intuitivesolutionshk.com-What is an Intuitive Psychic reading. What to expect from a Spiritual life coach.



#1- Please note that intuitive readings vary depending on the person giving the reading, and the person who is having the reading. That being said, here are some basic things for you to know:


Intuitive readings are different for everyone. Depending on the person conducting the reading, the focus can be on anything from releasing blocked energy and past trauma, tapping into past lives, working through a current hardship, or helping a client to activate their highest potential and life work. As the name implies, the sessions are usually led intuitively, and any professional reader will tell you each of their sessions are unique and highly individual.


#2-Typically, during an intuitive reading there is a lot processing, releasing, and transmuting of energies in the mental, emotional, and physical energy bodies. For some, intuitive readings can feel like a "talk therapy" session. For others (especially those who are highly sensitive to energies) it can feel like having psychic surgery. It all depends on what the client and intuitive reader intend for the session.


#3-A spiritual coach is someone who helps you connect to who you truly are. I work with you to change/re-direct/navigate your life, uncover your desires, take steps towards your goals, achieve your dreams, bust limiting beliefs, and remove roadblocks.


As a spiritual coach, I use  a deeper, more holistic approach. I work with you on the operating system beneath your consciousness. I work with you to reach inside And discover the part of you that is below what you show to the world. Together we remove blockages, fears, & incorrect perceptions about the world around you. Together we create coping mechanisms and tools to help you manage your emotions. You will learn to ACT not REACT, the importance of staying present, as opposed to looking to the past or too far into the future.  

I will help you to find the pathway to your purpose, how to develop your intuition and find the clarity you are seeking.. 

About IntuitiveSolutionsHK.com

Spiritual Life Coach And Intuitive Psychic In Pennsylvania, United States

Psychic Reading & Intuitive Spiritual Advisor for Marriage, Divorce, Family, Career, Financial Issues

Works with clients, to do what is called "hot reads". This means starts to pick up info when before the reading. Most readings take place on the phone and other technological platforms like zoom and skype. Helps with relationship issues, family dynamics counseling and career and life counseling, to name some of services.

Lancaster, Malvern, King of Prussia, Harrisburg, Devon, Doylestown, Richboro, Warminster, Warrington, Newtown, Solebury, Montgomeryville, New Hope, Pennsylvania, New York state, California, Arizona, available Nationally.

The goal of new website is to provide existing and prospective clients with psychic reads and spiritual advice.


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