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Should You Be Silent Right In A Crisis?
Val Wright -- Global Leadership and Innovation Expert Val Wright -- Global Leadership and Innovation Expert
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Los Angeles , CA
Wednesday, April 08, 2020


"I don’t want to deluge my customers"

"I don’t want to contribute to the information overload"

"I don’t want to appear to be taking advantage of the situation"

Are all reasons I have heard why you might want to be silent right now when in fact, the complete opposite is true. In the last few weeks, I have been talking to leaders all around the world: executives, conference organizers, executive community owners, a local school principal, CEOs, and small business owners. There has been a common theme I have been sharing:

Your customers and community want to hear from you!

Of course, if you call or email asking for sponsorship when their business has been obliterated, complain incessantly about your own personal woes, send irrelevant information too frequently, or if your communication is tone-deaf to the current global pandemic, yes silence is better than the wrong message, but now is not the time to be silent.

Use these Crucial Crisis Communication principles:

  • Speed beats perfection

  • Frequent and short vs. verbose and infrequent

  • Even when there is no new news to share, letting people know you are there is comforting

  • Ask and listen to how their business and life is going

  • Ask how you can be of help

  • Be empathetic, but don't make your communication all about your own business impact or personal challenges

Know someone looking for their next role?

I know many companies are evaluating their hiring needs right now so I wanted to provide you with the most up to date resources. Of course, check all the usual places where jobs are posted, but I wanted to provide a more personally curated list, so I asked my community on Friday who was hiring and was able to compile this list of current openings and links to company career sites of those who are hiring right now.  You can access the careers site or specific roles directly from this link.

I also came across this link to a Google doc of March 2020 US open roles that are remote. This is not my list, so I cannot verify how updated it is, but wanted to share given the large number of people currently unable to travel.

Are you looking for your next role? - If enough people respond with YES PLEASE I will hold a Video meeting next week where I share How to Define and Find Your Perfect Role. Reply YES PLEASE.

My Ask Val Anything is proving so popular, I am extending it throughout April and May. Enter your cell here and you will receive a text back from me and you can ask me anything about your business.

Wishing you and your loved ones health and strength.

Dedicated to growing your business,


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