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Shift Happens when you can’t communicate
James D. Feldman -- The NOWIST James D. Feldman -- The NOWIST
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Chicago, IL
Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Come join me tomorrow, March 26th to learn how to really be innovative. No matter what size the company the first innovation should be customer service.  Communication is key.
To my surprise, insights emerging from many company demonstrates that great customer service not only benefits the community, but those of us who primarily navigate the Innovation space as well. In fact, if there is on suggestion that I make to each and every organization is to look at how the customer sees your company. For over a year I have complained about the Business Services provided by Comcast. Time and time again I spend hours on the phone, only to be promised that the problem will be solved, only to learn that it wasn’t. Come on, its a communication company. Can’t they communicate? Can’t they deliver what they promise? So here’s a simple chart showing how to resolve customer problem.
When you do not use a systematic process, you?ll find it difficult to pinpoint where breakdowns occur. More importantly, when you are successful, you?ll find it difficult to repeat what you did that made the transaction go well. As I write this blog I am on the phone for the fifth time today to resolve a simple problem with Comcast.  I have over 30 calls into Comcast for various issues that they Acknowledge  but don’t resolve.  Remember each and every day no matter what your business does, it still does business with people.

As Henry Ford said so well…

If we are not customer driven, our cars won’t be either.

Comcast continues to grow on the consumer side and they seem to get it there. Business As Usual at Comcast Business is not the same. They simply can’t communicate.




Customer BehaviorInquiry
Employee Objectives1.Establish relationship
2.Suspend own values
3.Further inquiry
4.Maintain composure
1.Isolate critical issue(s) (situation, problem, transaction)
2.Represent business
1.Develop plan of action2.Gain commitment
Employee Responsibity1.Attend2.Listen
1.Attend, listen, respond2.Identify
1.Attend, listen, respond2.Select strategy
3.3.Negotiate agreement action
Primary SkillEmpathic listening1.Appraisal2.Problem-solving1 Negotiation
2.         Decision-making
Outcome1.Relationship established2.Interchangeable exchange1.Critical issue(s) identified2.Solution(s)generated1.Issue resolved2.2.Follow-up
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