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Setting Self-Care Goals You Can Actually Attain
Nancy Boyd --  Bright Wings Inc. Nancy Boyd -- Bright Wings Inc.
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Dateline: Eugene, OR
Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Reaching for better self care

Reaching for better self care

Are there some aspects of your life you’d like to change? Setting goals is the roadmap leading to those changes. But once you’ve made a list of what you want to achieve, how do you actually get there? Bright Wings, Inc. offers some advice to motivate and encourage you:

Keep the Focus on Your Career Goals

Achieving professional goals can do wonders to improve your outlook on life, as well as allow you to earn a bigger paycheck. So if you’ve been putting your career goals on the back burner, think about steps you can take to get back on track. As an example, you can enroll in online classes in order to earn your bachelor of education. You can still keep working at your current position while you study at your own pace, so you won’t have to worry about stretching yourself – or your budget – too thin.

Start a New Exercise Regimen

You don’t need to wait until New Year’s to make the resolution to invest in your physical health and start a fitness routine. Even if you’re busy working and taking care of your family, Self.com notes that you can incorporate some exercise into your day by breaking your sessions up into small chunks. Try going for a brisk walk or jogging around the block early in the morning or during your lunch hour.

Keep a yoga mat and a pair of free weights in your office for a short workout that will give you a boost of energy and renewed focus as you take a quick break between tasks. Getting up from your desk chair and stretching will also help stave off back and neck pain as well as eye strain if your job requires you to spend many hours hunched over your computer.

Strive to Eat Healthier

Believe it or not, what you put in your stomach has a direct influence on how you feel physically and mentally. The Mental Health Foundation points out that eating healthy, balanced meals at regular intervals will keep your blood sugar level steady, your energy up, and your mood elevated. And adding more fibers to your diet will help you digest food and improve your gut health. It will also greatly lower GI discomfort if you have any symptoms.

A diet rich in fiber will make you feel fuller faster, so you won’t feel the need to reach out for that second helping or for a post-meal snack laden with empty calories. Good-for-you options include carrots, celery, broccoli, jicama, chia seeds, beans, and whole wheat pasta. By keeping your fridge stocked with pre-cut and pre-washed veggies, you’ll have ready-made healthy snacks at your disposal throughout the day if you feel hungry between meals.

Stay Motivated and Positive

Once you’ve set up healthy goals for yourself as you work to improve your overall well-being, it can be hard to keep the motivation going when you don’t see immediate results in your life. This may lead to a sharp drop in motivation and a return to your unhealthy habits. So try to celebrate every little success along the way without focusing too much on the long-term results you’re expecting to attain.

Such efforts are made much easier when your home is free of stressors like clutter. The benefits of a clean, organized and de-cluttered home are numerous – including the removal of needless distractions and an untidy living area – so it’s wise to address any issues now in order to create a more positive, healing and healthy atmosphere at home.

Get up every morning with a positive attitude and ready to take on new challenges. If you have a hard time getting motivated to go to the gym or to keep up with your new fitness routine, find an accountability partner to help you! Surrounding yourself with positive people who encourage you will help you stay on the right track.

Make your self-care goals realistic and attainable by getting there one step at a time. Drastic change rarely happens overnight, so keep motivated with the right people by your side. Staying positive is the key to success!

by Guest Author Sharon Shedd

Sharon Redd created Live All the Way to help others live life to the ABSOLUTE FULLEST. She believes life all the way is a life with all the toppings! It’s ordering guacamole and queso at the restaurant. It’s wearing those bright pink shoes, no matter what anyone else thinks. It’s using your formal china for every meal and hugging your friends every time you see them. It’s eating ice cream for breakfast and so much more. Her goal, each and every day, is to live all the way and her mission is to help others do the same.

Bright Wings, Inc. is an empowerment resource company located in Briarcliff Manor, NY.   For more information about products and services, click here.

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