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Seminar Fraud by Public Speakers Exposed by Tom Antion -- Tonight
Tom Antion -- Internet Marketing Expert Tom Antion -- Internet Marketing Expert
Virginia Beach, VA
Wednesday, May 2, 2012

 Professional Speaker Tom Antion Attacks His Own Industry

Virginia Beach, VA

Veteran multimillionaire professional speaker Tom Antion takes a shot at his own industry Wednesday May 2nd, 8:05 PM Eastern time when he releases his consumer advocate webinar titled "Top 20 Seminar Scams"

Antion is sick and tired of sociopathic seminar leaders ruining the seminar industry that he's lived and loved for over 20 years. "The industry has been getting a bad name as more and more professional level con men and women see it as an easy way to take large groups of people for large amounts of money,"Antion says.

Being an industry insider for so long he's seen both the great part of the industry and the dirty underbelly where scams abound. Slick talkers avoid detection using threats and hiding behind lawyers to enforce their contracts for high level coaching programs that either don't exist or don't deliver as promised.

According to the White Collar Crime Center only 11.7 % of white collar crimes get reported to law enforcement. Antion believes it's even less in the speaking industry. Antion says, "Seminars are held in many different cities with victims and scammer seminar leaders flying in from all over the world. This makes it virtually impossible to get enough victims all in one place for local law enforcement to do anything about it. On top of that, the seminars are moving around all the time so it's also virtually impossible to get enough victims in the home base area of the scammer."

Antion is in touch with criminal investigators and in development of a TV Show to educate the public so they don't get scammed at a seminar and a documentary to expose many of the worst offenders.

The Wednesday night webinar registration is https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/987035078 .

Antion claims he'll be naming names, but he's most interested in educating the public on what to watch for and how NOT to become another victim in his evidence file.

Through his investigators Antion showed his evidence to a retired Federal prosecutor who immediately mentioned RICO act which is the Racketeering and Corrupt Organization act which was originally designed for the mafia. He also mentioned criminal acts like "Theft by Conversion" and "Wire Fraud".

Antion says, "If you cheat someone at a seminar, or you endorse someone who does, I will be your worst nightmare."

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